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Mange Treatment Concentrate - 60ml

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Treat Mange with All Naturally

Naturasil for Pet Mange is all natural sulfur-based concentrate for treating the symptoms of sarcoptic and demodectic (demodex) mange on dogs, cats, and other animals*. We recommend using Naturasil for Pet Mange on animals 3 months or older, for younger animals please consult a veterinarian. To use Naturasil for Pet Mange, you mix it with a small amount of water and pet-friendly shampoo. We recommend using Naturasil Herbal Pet Shampoo.*

Larger animals such as horses, pigs, goats, sheep, etc may be treated for mange with SulfaDip??, a lime-sulfur based solution dip used on larger or feral animals.


You need the following:

  • Disposable container that will hold 10 oz of fluid
  • plastic gloves
  • wash basin

Combine 30 ml of Naturasil for Pet Mange into disposable container, along with 2 oz water and 5 oz of any shampoo of your choice (baby, pet, or regular adult). Apply combined product well throughout pet's fur, being careful not to get in the eyes or mouth of your pet. You want all fur and skin to be covered with shampoo. Leave on 5-7 minutes, then rinse and air dry. Save any leftover combined product for the next treatment.

Repeat every 5-7 days, 2-3 medicated baths. Mange should start to subside within days and weeks ahead. Excellent food and immune system boosters, such as Naturasil Dog Vitamins, are recommended to speed healing process.

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Product Information

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Q. Can I get mange?

A. Demodectic mange can not be passed from animal to human, it is however very contagious for other animals. Sarcoptic Mange is transmittable between animals and humans. Sarcoptic Mange is called Scabies when it infests a human being.

If you are suffering from Scabies, take a moment to check out Naturasil's all natural Scabies treatments. If you are taking the steps to treat your pet, you should treat yourself as well to prevent either of you being reinfested.

Q. What animals is Naturasil Pet Mange Value Pack safe to use on?

A. We recommend using this on any animal 2 months or older. For smaller animals, use a smaller amount. Make sure to keep soap out of pets eyes and nose. If irritation occurs, dicontinue use immediately. For larger animals, we have SulfaDip??, a lime-sulfur based dip that comes in larger quanities for use on animals such as horses, pigs, goats and similar.

For any other questions please refer to our FAQs or call toll free 866-371-2499

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  1. Mange treatment

    Posted by Kimber on 9th Nov 2015
     Verified Purchase

    After spending hundreds of dollars at the vet, feeding special food in case of food allergies, along with Advantix, my poor corgi continued to lose hair. He kept having sores erupt, staph infections next and constantly itching his belly button area with his back foot along with rubbing his back on the gravel in the driveway. I tried apple cider vinegar which made him run from me, coconut oil which seemed to make him better for a little bit. The mange product worked right away! He was happier immediately, no more itching and sores healed fast. Reapplied after a week. Now he has all his fur back and no sores anymore. We live in the Redwoods and believe there is a mite that we could not get rid of until using this product on all of our 5 dogs. *

  2. Jenny Feels and Looks Better!

    Posted by Chris Smith on 18th May 2013
     Verified Purchase

    I have a 13 yr old Shepherd mix girl with severe Demodex who can't be treated with Ivermectin. She has other serious health problems, too. Needless to say, she's itching and scratching constantly in spite of allergy meds. Bathing her gives her a day of relief, then her awful smell comes back the next day. After her first bath/ treatment with Natursil for Pet Mange, I noticed that her odor didn't come back for 5-6 days which means at the very least, the bacteria on her skin is abating. Her skin is softer and she is able to rest. She's had two treatments, and has a long way to go, but she will feel much better as she heals. I accidentally re-ordered the Scabies meds instead of Pet Mange, so I used that today until her new bottle shows up. Thank you so much for safely helping my old, sick girl! *

  3. What a great product!!

    Posted by Rick Martin, Ogden, Utah on 27th Jan 2012
     Verified Purchase

    I have a 7 month old boxer that I had to kennel, due to going on a cruise. Shortly after getting back I noticed spots on her body where hair was falling out. I took her to the vet. They diagnosed her with demodectic mange. Apparently this is normal although being stressed (from boarding), or immune system being sub par, can allow the mite to have an upper hand and cause the problem I was experiencing. They gave me some goodwinol ointment and said that it will normally take several applications, and that the alternative treatment was a chemical dip. I looked into the chemical dip and definitely didn't want to do that. After purchasing my second bottle of goodwinol ointment, with little to no success, I started looking for alternative treatments. Fortunately I found the Naturasil.com website. After talking to a rep, I ordered the bottle of shampoo, the Naturasil, and the vitamins. Being up front with me, the rep told me as well, that this may take a while, and that I may have to order more product. Honestly, I expected similar results as the ointment. So. I asked about the 60 day money back guarantee. Well I didn't even have to go there. I followed the directions given and before I had used all of the product that I originally purchased, the mange was gone. I even have enough to do 1 more application. Who knows how much more I could have spent on ointment , and dips.

    Thanks for a fantastic product *

  4. I cannot thank you enough!

    Posted by Karin Sullivan, Atlanta, GA on 27th Jan 2012
     Verified Purchase

    This is a thank you letter. I cannot thank you enough, because I believe you saved my beautiful dog's life. She is a German Shorthaired Pointer that we adopted 2 years ago when she was about 6-9 months old and was completely ravaged with mange. We immediately took her to our vet and started her on intensive treatments at his recommendation. For a full year she was continuously getting special dips and taking Cephalexin and Ivermectin, which cost us a fortune. We also had to give her antibiotics every so often for the infections that the mange would cause. The medicines would seen to work for a little while but as soon as she was off of them things would go right back like before, with her losing huge patches of hair and itching like crazy. Additionally, we became very concerned because it seemed like her personality would change a lot with the medicines and we did not want to have to medicate her for her entire life (although we love her dearly and would have paid for the medicines forever if it would have helped). When I came across some research that suggested the medicine she was on could have neurological side-effects we started looking for another way. My husband found your website and we figured we had nothing to lose. We cut out the medicines from the vet completely and instead switched to a regimen of Naturasil for Pet Mange baths, Science Diet Sensitive Skin food, and Missing Link vitamins. The change was immediately apparent and within 2 months she appeared to be completely cured. We continued with the baths every so often for awhile out of fear of the mange returning, but it is now a year later, she has not had a bath in 6 months and she has never been healthier or happier. We continue with the food for sensitive skin and the vitamins, and I think the combination of these with your lime sulphur baths is an absolute miracle. Please share my story with anyone you wish; I want other people out there who love their pets to know that there is a cure.

    Thank you so very much. *

  5. No you see it now you don't!

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Nov 2011
     Verified Purchase

    i have a beautiful yorkie who loves to forage along hedgerows as terriers do,when one day i noticed some lumps-spots on her back which got progressively worse and were causing her some discomfort our next door neigbour who has a border collie said she had the
    same problem with her dog and took it to the vet diagnosis mange as we live in rural devon the vet said it was more than likley caught from the many foxes that inhabit our environment and after vets fees of more than £180.00 her problem was solved so i looked on the web for alt solutions and found naturasil hey presto 3 applications later no mange one very happy yorkie and one very happy owner this product really does work and i have loads of it left just in case someone else in our neigbourhood should need some.thank you so much for a happy healhy yorkie. *

*Disclaimer: Results may vary; no guarantee of results **100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

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