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Sulfur Lavender Soap - 2 Bar Pack

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2 bars of Best Selling Sulfur-Lavender Soap!

Naturasil Medicated Lavender Sulfur Soap is a homeopathic natural plant (Palm Kernel and Coconut Oil based) micronized sulfur soap with pure lavender essential oils sourced from around the globe that is used to treat the symptoms of fungal infections, scabies rash, tinea versicolor, tinea (ringworm, jock itch, nail fungus) as well as a host of other skin problems such as acne*.


Use Naturasil Medicated Lavender Sulfur Soap at least 2 times a day for 4-10 days.

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Product Information

  • UPC: 855822001830


Naturasil Lavender?ÿSulfur Soap Ingredients List

Active Ingredients: Sulfur 1X HPUS, Thuja Occidentalis 6X HPUS

Inactive Ingredients: Coconut Oil, EDTA, Glycerine, Goat's Milk Powder, Lauric Acid, Lavender Oil, Palm Oil, Purified Water, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sorbitol

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 Product Reviews
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  1. it gives me relief

    Posted by Kitty on 11th Oct 2015
     Verified Purchase

    for some reason, this soap can really stop my itch.

    I have my skin breaks from scratching. With this soap it doesn't hurt. it heals eventually.

    One problem is that I have to keep using it. Cannot stop otherwise the itchiness will came back.

    Skin gets real dry afterwards. it gets irritated not from the bits (feels like bits are gone) but may be from the soap? or dryness of the skin. May be I will try some Aveeno moisture repair cream. *

  2. a little smelly

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Jun 2015
     Verified Purchase

    This soap did relieve dermatitis after several uses. There is a slight sulfur smell, but it doesn't linger. *

  3. Excellent product

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd May 2015
     Verified Purchase

    I have been using the lavender/sulfur soap for two weeks. My skin feels and looks so much better! I'm not even positive as to what was causing my itchy, red, bumpy, pimply skin on my face, arms, legs and stomach! I would wake myself up scratching to the point of drawing blood. Finally I remembered Naturasil. I had used some of their products a few years ago and they had worked. I am absolutely thrilled and amassed at how quickly things began to clear! I will continue to use their products as needed and maybe the soap regularly! *

  4. This product is wonderful for ringworm

    Posted by K.Adrien on 9th Mar 2015
     Verified Purchase

    I've purchased this soap for my son . He had some ringworm and it clear right up in days. i love and would recommend this to any mom. Excellent results. *

  5. Will definitely recommend!

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Mar 2015
     Verified Purchase

    I used this product just as the box intructed me too and within 7 days I noticed a HUGE difference in the ringworm spots on my skin. The redness faded and after 10 days- it is completely gone! *

  6. Reliable product

    Posted by Bonnie on 12th Feb 2015
     Verified Purchase

    Originally we were looking for an alternative to treat a kitten. We rescued a little four week old kitten last year with about 90% of her body covered in fungus. We did do the regular medicines given to us by vet. However, hers was so severe and she was in such poor health even after 10 weeks and thinking she was clear the fungus came back with a vengeance and we also got it. So, we bought for her and at that time bought soap for us.

    The soap is great. I keep it on hand now all the time because we now help foster kittens and cats for adoption. Unfortunately, a lot of time the younger ones and the older ones will have fungus. We need the added protection for ourselves in this fight. Again I highly recommend the soap. *

  7. it actually works!

    Posted by mica on 2nd Nov 2013
     Verified Purchase

    I am on my third day of using this wonderful soap and im telling you guys, i had the relief from itching already!!! It actually kills scabies mites and fungi on your skin. I use it twice a day when i shower and then i use aveeno lotion afterwards to moisturize my skin. I strongly recommend this product to everyone! Thank you Naturasil!

    *Results may vary *

  8. WOW!

    Posted by Tasha on 20th Oct 2013
     Verified Purchase

    I have never written a review before, not even on products I really liked. This soap deserves one! I am not even going to go into how badly I have been battling with acne, I was to the point of just giving up and not buying another product ever again! To have come across this soap is truly a miracle. I could go on and on about the amazing benefits and how much it has helped me but I think there is no point for that. All I have to say is that this is a must try product. There is a reason why homeopathy is beneficial and an ultimate cure all. Thank you, thank you and truly THANK YOU! *

  9. Works Great

    Posted by Suzanne Stewart on 21st Apr 2013
     Verified Purchase

    Great results on acne *

  10. This stuff Really Works!

    Posted by Tammy Clark on 18th Apr 2013
     Verified Purchase

    My husband had gotten ring worm almost all over his body. We tried prescriptions, lotions, everything we could. Then I found this soap and within the first bar, it was gone! You have to try it! Smells great too. *


    Posted by Janice Copeland on 16th Apr 2013
     Verified Purchase

    My daughter, granddaughter, and two babies (ages 2 and 4) were infected with Scabies. I ordered two bars of this soap to help treat the bites. They followed other procedures to rid their home of these insects. More soap was needed so I ordered four more bars of the soap. After six bars of soap for four people, they were finally totally rid of the insects on their bodies. Naturasil Lavender Sulfur Soap worked just like you promised. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

    *Results may vary *

  12. Soap works wonders!

    Posted by Heather B on 12th Apr 2013
     Verified Purchase

    I ordered the pack for Scabies and got almost immediate relief. I love the soap! I think we finally have it eradicated, but every bump or itch still freaks me out. I have always had issues with back acne as well, and it has eliminated that as well. I would definitely recommend Naturasil products! The soap works and doesn't smell on your skin, but does makes your laundry stink from using a washcloth! I can most certainly deal with that though vs. scabies. I hope to never have it again, but I still plan to purchase the soap!

    *Results may vary *

  13. Relief!

    Posted by Amber Spicer on 23rd Mar 2013
     Verified Purchase

    I believe that I had scabies, and used the Natursil
    Lavender Sulfur Soap. I felt like it helped in combination with the topical cream, Neem oil, Clove Bud, Tea Tree Oil, and Coconut Oil. I would highly recommend this product, and I am grateful that I found it! Thank you Natursil

    *Results may vary *

  14. Great for Acne

    Posted by Suzanne Stewart on 17th Feb 2013
     Verified Purchase

    This soap helped my sons acne almost immediately - wish we had discovered it before trying all those other expensive products - PLUS the company support, service and staff are all AMAZING - will definitely recommend to my friends *

  15. This soap is the the one and only answer to cure the acne.

    Posted by Kathy on 26th Jan 2013
     Verified Purchase

    For a very long time (to be accurate from puberty until two years ago I had been looking for a treatment for my acne, not only topical but also I used many many different oral medications from antibiotics to contraceptive hormones. When I ordered the sulfur soap suddenly my acne is gone, it is more like a miracle. I did not use anything other than the soap. About 3 moths ago my 11 year-old son got some small acnes on his nose, he used the soap just once and so far no more acne. Thank you Naturasil for this amazingly effective product.

    *Results may vary *

  16. Best Medicated Soap

    Posted by starlight2000 on 26th Jan 2013
     Verified Purchase

    This is the best soap that I have ever used. Wish it was sold in drug stores and that the price was more affordable. *

  17. Soap works great!

    Posted by Tamila Q. Toronto, ON on 28th Dec 2012
     Verified Purchase

    I had to write and tell you that this soap is VERY effective at treating my scabies problem. I used it along with the topical cream and I my scabies are now gone. I followed all the directions you sent about how to get rid of the scabies including the hygiene which is probably the hardest part. Thank you!!!

    *Results may vary *

  18. sulphur soap

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Dec 2012
     Verified Purchase

    Seemed to work very good after trying several other things. Still use it as preventative. Had scabbies for myself and wife very painful now gone. *

  19. Scabies.

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Nov 2012
     Verified Purchase

    I realy think there should be more products aviable in the local pharmacy to fight scabies it is an awfull mite and should be eradicated from a modern society!.
    With that said your product worked the best,I am realy great full to you for creating it .I used all the recommended products along with the daily washing and cleaning thank The Lord I could finally sleep ,the cream is my savior for the after itching that seems to linger.i am so great full that is over

    *Results may vary *


    Posted by judy on 9th Oct 2012
     Verified Purchase

    I hadTinea versicolor with white, dime sized spots on my back, shoulders and some appearingon my chest. I have had these spots for years. Within 2 weeks I would say the spots started to fade. Within a month of using the NATURASIL soap the spots were completely gone. I did spend some time out in the sun to help restore the pigment. I would definately recommend this product. *

  21. worked very well

    Posted by girl on 11th Jul 2012
     Verified Purchase

    i did alot of things out of desperation while scabies destroyed my life and had me clawing my skin to high heavens,i soaked in bleach and water vinegar,used pimple menthol creams to try and dry them out neem oil soap,the bleach worked ok,vinegar made me itch worse than ever neem oil soap slightly worked but i didnt get real results until i got this sulfur soap after using it a couple days i got real results i was looking for i have a family so it wasnt enough to completely eliminate the scabies but it worked wonders now i purchased the topical liquid and im convinced that after that treatment this nightmare will be over!thanks naturasil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Results may vary *

  22. I love this soap!

    Posted by K. Haas on 9th Jul 2012
     Verified Purchase

    I love this soap - I just wish it didn't tarnish my jewelry. I also buy it for my brother; he LOVES the relief it provides and thanks me every time he receives my packages. We both have extremely sensative skin, but this product reduces all outbreaks of any kind. I adopted a little dog which, unfortunately, had an overzealous case of ringworm. I never came down with it, and I am thankful to this company & their products in finally eliminating it from our lives! *

  23. I couldn't believe it worked

    Posted by Joan on 8th Jul 2012
     Verified Purchase

    I had something and wasn't sure what it was. I went to the Dr and he wasn't sure either, But he said possible it was some kind of animal scabies since I am a veterinarian. So, I tried the soap and my itching and rash subsided in about 5 days. It is amazing. I can't wait to try the dog product on the demodex rescue pup I have. Thank you

    *Results may vary *

  24. Best Solution

    Posted by SC Girl on 29th Jun 2012
     Verified Purchase

    This soap was a blessing to us as a first step towards getting real relief. We went the medical pathway with the strong creams, etc., only to have continued itching & irritation. The Naturasil soap helped us rid ourselves of what may have been a scabies infection. We also used the other recommended products for a full "treatment." I would highly recommend this product to anyone suffering from the same or similar infection--the Naturasil products work!

    *Results may vary *


    Posted by DOROTHY on 19th Jun 2012
     Verified Purchase



    Posted by E.L. on 18th Jun 2012
     Verified Purchase

    After 8 daily uses of the soap, I was able to get a decent night of sleep. I used all the applicable procedures for eliminating the mites in my home. I occasionally continue to be aware of crawling sensations on my arms and hands, I will continue with the soap until the sensatios cease. *

  27. Scabies. What scabies?

    Posted by Paul on 4th Jun 2012
     Verified Purchase

    The soap lathers well but not excessively. Does not have an unpleasant odor. Rinses well. Water beads on the skin. Used as directed it easily ended the itching and started the skin healing. Nuturasil I'm glad I met you. You will be too. I highly recommend this product.

    *Results may vary *

  28. Smells so good!

    Posted by Rina M on 4th Jun 2012
     Verified Purchase

    I got this soap because I was convinced I had scabies. I'm not sure if that's what it was but I used the soap as directed and I'm healed now. I'm going to have my sister try it on her acne and see how that works. I love the smell of this soap!

    *Results may vary *

  29. whatever these things are this is the only thing that works

    Posted by Unknown on 15th May 2012
     Verified Purchase

    We had something like scabies but a bit different. We tried everything, including the toxic stuff. Nothing worked really well, most things didn't work at all. This soap worked within a couple days. At first I just left the lather on.

    *Results may vary *

  30. Good Product

    Posted by Robert on 14th May 2012
     Verified Purchase

    Good product, like what it does. Does not smell bad, I like it. The only issue would be it goes fast, if you use it twice each day, the bars last about a week. *

  31. The Nighmare Finally ends

    Posted by Bryan on 27th Jan 2012
     Verified Purchase

    If you are reading this i know exactly how you felt. I have been "trying" to get rid of these nasty things for over two months with no success with permethrin and countless other products. It has been a week since i started this regimen and i am FINALLY sleeping and getting back to a normal existence. If you are serious about getting rid of your scabies don't think twice about this product!

    *Results may vary *

  32. better than the skin dr. medicine

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Jan 2012
     Verified Purchase

    I tried everything for my daughter. went to the skin doctor and she was literally put on everything from antibiotics to topical creams counter and otc....this is best. not too harsh. it smells when you wash but when you dry it doesn't. believe me, my daughter wouldn't use it if she were to smell like sulfur. its really works. *

  33. It works!

    Posted by JoAnne, LA. CA. on 16th Nov 2011
     Verified Purchase

    We used this soap along with the topical cream and liquid products (baths). It knocked out our problem within the very first few days of using it. many many thanks!! *

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