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Scabies Topical Relief Cream - 120 ml Jar

  • Naturasil Scabies Cream - Best Scabies Home Remedy

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All Natural Scabies Topical Cream

Naturasil for Scabies Topical Cream uses natural sulfur and plant extracts to assist in treating the symptoms of a scabies breakout, without the harsh pesticides found in many traditional treatment methods*. Most treatments made for scabies use Permethrins, which are known carcinogens.

We recommend using this product in tandem with the Naturasil Liquid Scabies Treatment and Naturasil Scabies Relief Soap. For the best value, check out Scabies Starter Pack. Using a combination of products can assist in speeding the healing process*.

Looking for a natural pet scabies (mange) treatment? Check out our pet mange page.


After bathing, dry thoroughly and apply the cream to any affected areas. Use once a day. Results may vary.

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Do I Have Scabies? | Fast Scabies Ink Test
  • Do I Have Scabies? | Fast Scabies Ink Test

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  1. The solution for me!

    Posted by James Winters, Dumfries, VA. on 27th Dec 2012
     Verified Purchase

    My family and I contracted a bird mite infestation about six months ago from the removal of some bird nests that were inside our attic. I had never heard of bird mites attacking humans, but now know that they do. Our doctors thought we were crazy. It seamed like no one could help us. I found your product on the internet and ordered the Naturasil for Scabies topical, liquid, and Benzarid product to spray on everything. We followed your instructions including using the pomegranate extract and MSM sulfur supplement advice. The cream and spray are wonderful!! It took three weeks but our mite problems are now over. I noticed after the first night of being able to get some sleep, that we were actually seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We hired an exterminator who tented the house while we vacated it, and underwent treatment while we stayed in our motor home. Until you go through this you will never understand the misery and hopelessness that you feel.

    Thank you for helping us get our life back.

    *Results may vary *

  2. Better than Permethrin Cream 5%

    Posted by Ben Hestley on 11th Nov 2012
     Verified Purchase

    Cleared up most of the scabies on my head but they migrated to my arms and legs. I bathe with the soap every day and apply the cream to my head, arms and upper legs.
    Nothing seems to completely get rid of them however.
    Still not sure how to use Bite Relief or the topical liquid that smells terrible.
    I did not get instructions on how to use the cream, soap, topical liquid or bite relief.

    *Results may vary


  3. great great

    Posted by vince on 12th Jun 2012
     Verified Purchase

    this cream is the best.an it works great. keep up the great work. *

  4. I Don't Know What I Would Have Done Without This Cream

    Posted by Jen on 24th May 2012
     Verified Purchase

    Halfway through my flight back to the US after my two week vacation, I felt a stinging on my stomach. I lifted up my shirt- and there was nothing there! Again, I felt a stinging somewhere else on my stomach and I checked again. Little red bumps that looked like flea bites started to appear. The people sitting in the seats in front of me must have thought I was nuts, watching me pull my shirt up as fast as I could and stare at my stomach.

    I spent the rest of the flight jumping in discomfort every time whatever it was would bite me. The next day it only got worse, and by day two I was so miserable that I couldn't bend over or use my ab muscles because every time I did, I would itch uncontrollably to the point where they could have put me in a straight jacket. On day three it spread to my arms, legs, back, and everywhere else. I finally looked up what it could be and found my answer: Scabies.

    I read online that it was called the seven-year-itch, and how it's nearly impossible to cure, because it keeps coming back. I was consumed with the persistent itching, that only became more intense after I would scratch it. The worst part was, everywhere I would scratch, more would bite me! I would have deep scratch marks with little itchy bumps running along them. I couldn't sleep, move, or do anything all day. This went on for a week, and I finally gave in and paid the hundreds of dollars for the Naturasil Scabies Family Pack. There were so many other things that I would have rather spent the money on, but realistically I wouldn't have been able to enjoy any of those things while scratching and itching my brains out.

    I was very skeptical, but it was better than doing nothing. I also didn't want to waste money buying other treatments that didn't work. I read the Naturasil reviews on their website and prayed that they weren't too good to be true. I did try an over-the-counter lice gel from Rite Aid, which seemed to soothe my skin and make it very soft, but didn't kill any of the bugs. When I received the Naturasil, I lathered it on right away. The cream smelled okay, it wasn't really that bad smelling compared to some of the other things that I ordered. I washed with the soap- I probably stood in the shower for half an hour because I didn't want to wash it off right away.

    The first day after I applied the cream I was still just as itchy, but the redness went down. The bumps stopped multiplying. I didn't know it right then, but I had killed all of the bugs! The itching continued for a week or two, which I read is what happens since the little dead bugs stay inside the skin and irritate it. Three days later I noticed a big difference in the bumps. They started to fade away, and when I would scratch them, it wouldn't make me itch even worse like it did before. It's been five weeks now, and you would have to look really hard to try and find an ugly scabies bite on me. They have all just about disappeared. That Naturasil Cream is the only stuff I would ever use to get rid of scabies if I ever get it again. After I had it, my dad caught it (he used the cream right away before they spread to his entire body) and my mom caught it (she kept 'forgetting' to use the cream- I guess she likes to itch uncontrollably).

    One of the things I also found out is that scabies die after three days without a human host. That is great because we have two houses, and I really didn't feel like cleaning both of them. We just stayed at one house for three days, then the other for another three days. All the scabies in the bed sheets, clothing, couches, etc. would die and we'd come home to a scabies-free environment. The Benza-Rid came in handy for spraying my clothes down daily, since sometimes my shirt or pants were still clean and I didn't want to do laundry that day.

    So yes, this stuff actually works, yes, I believe that the money was well worth it, and yes, these reviews are actually true! I am back to my old self again.. THANK YOU NATURASIL!!

    *Results may vary *

  5. The Long, Frustrating Nightmare is Over!

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Apr 2012
     Verified Purchase

    Hello everyone,

    I felt like I needed to share my store to help out other folks and ease their minds about the harness and frustration of scabies. Firstly, I got scabies from a hostel in Italy while I was backpacking around Europe. I didn't really know what it was until I went to a pharmacist in Amsterdam, who helped me narrow it down to scabies or some other type of mites. After doing a lot of research online and through reading reviews, I started using Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil to try to fight scabies. Throughout the next month as I backpacked, I never felt like the condition got too bad, but it was definitely frustrating and embarrassing. I continued to use the TTO and Lavender for months, fighting the bites that were on my skin, and it worked very well, but my problem was that I could never kill the mites themselves, or their eggs.

    In January I moved to Thailand, at this point I thought I had beaten the scabies, but I hadn't. Since I was traveling around Europe and Asia, I had to wear all the same clothes, shoes, and haul my same backpacks around, which made it hard to clean all my things. The #1 thing you need to do to defeat scabies is to clean everything, make sure to wash clothes in hot water, better yet, wash everything in hot water and isolate yourself to completely clean surfaces, bedding, and clothes. Unfortunately, I don't have access to washers with hot water, or dryers here in Thailand, so I have been trying a lot of different methods to make sure everything is disinfected and clean.

    So, about 15 days ago my condition got a lot worse, my hands were literally covered in scabies bites and bumps, so I decided I needed to switch up my game plan. After doing a lot more research I found this Naturasil site, that looked very promising. I ordered the Starter Pack for scabies, and it shipped the same day (but took about 10 days to get to Thailand). I have been using the soap, oil, and cream for 4 days, and I am feeling much better and more confident about beating scabies. The package comes with an in depth step-by-step process of how to wash, bath, and apply the different treatments, and I've been felling great ever since I started! I used the oil with my laundry to kill bugs on my clothes and bedding, and the topical cream did wonders with my hands and rash areas. I continue to use tea tree oil and lavender oil with these products, just dropping a couple drops of both in the bath and in laundry loads.

    To wrap my shtick up, I 100% recommend Naturasil products to anyone fighting scabies. As you know by having them, they are frustrating, embarrassing, demotivating and downright terrible. But these scabies products helped change my life, I'm feeling confident and energetic, and it's great to see the progression of getting better. So, if you're dealing with this nasty infestation, DO NOT hesitate to buy this pack, it will help you out so much and stop this horrible nightmare! It's only been 3.5 days, but feel so much better and over 99% of the bumps and bits are gone or going away. I hope this helped, I know I caught myself reading the reviews over and over hoping to get the same results, but trust these products, and trust me...It really does work. Thanks for your time and good luck. Cheers

    *Results may vary *

  6. Worked after nothing else did!

    Posted by Bridgett on 21st Mar 2012
     Verified Purchase

    My family and I tried multiple treatments of Permethrin cream, and I was eventually put on Lindane. They would go away temporarily and then eventually come back. It was so frustrating, and the Lindane is a one time treatment. Just about at my wits end, I stumbled onto this site searching for homeopathic treatments. I purchased the family pack, and used it as recommended.

    Within a couple of days, the symptoms eased, and within a week, I had no new spots. I stopped using it, and a few new spots popped up a couple of days later. I restarted treatment, and after the 2nd treatment, they were completely gone. It's been over a month, and we're still all symptom free!

    If you have tried multiple treatments and are still struggling, I would highly recommend trying this. Some people don't like the smell, but it really didn't bother me. The liquid has a strong scent, but again, it just didn't bother me. Frankly, I would have put up with just about anything to get rid of these darn things! If you're searching, best of luck to you. I know how frustrating it can be trying to get rid of them!

    *Results may vary *

  7. The Nighmare Finally ends

    Posted by Bryan on 27th Jan 2012
     Verified Purchase

    If you are reading this i know exactly how you felt. I have been "trying" to get rid of these nasty things for over two months with no success with permethrin and countless other products. It has been a week since i started this regimen and i am FINALLY sleeping and getting back to a normal existence. If you are serious about getting rid of your scabies don't think twice about this product!

    *Results may vary *

  8. Lifesaver Product

    Posted by Lori P. on 17th Nov 2011
     Verified Purchase

    I can't tell you how happy we are with the Naturasil scabies products. We used the permethrin creams for weeks with NO RESULTS!! Within the first baths and use of the soaps and creams we started to be able to get some sleep. These things eat you alive at NIGHT!! Again, thank you!!!

    *Results may vary *

  9. Very good product

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Nov 2011
     Verified Purchase

    Helped my scabies problem go away with 5 days of use. Thank you!!!

    *Results may vary *

  10. Product really works!

    Posted by Joan Davis, Freemont, California on 17th Nov 2011
     Verified Purchase

    Hi, I wanted to tell you my scabies story. First, I and my son started itching like crazy, and getting these raised red bumps on us. We tried treating it with over the counter medicines and nothing worked to get rid of it. Then we went to the dermatologist and they took a scrape sample off of us. They told us we had scabies mites in us (I was horrified!) they prescribed a permethrin cream. I started looking this up on the internet and found out that it was a poison pesticide. I called the doctor and they said that it was the only thing that worked for scabies. Then I started doing my own research and came across your product that has no pesticide in it. I ordered it and received it very quickly. (I like that, because if you have scabies you want them off of you as fast as possible). We applied the treatment and took very long hot baths with the Naturasil liquid and well as used it in our wash. We vacuumed and cleaned with BenzaRid spray everywhere, including my cars. Within 3 days our scabies had been treated and 5 days later we treated again and are now scabies free, thank God!

    Thank you so much for changing our life. I have heard horror stories of not being able to get rid of these buggers!!

    *Results may vary

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