How Do I Get Rid of Tinea Versicolor (Tinea Versa)

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The first step in treating Tinea Versicolor is to understand that it is fairly common fungus and It is very treatable.  Getting rid of Tinea Versicolor is a fairly easy process.


So What the Heck is Tinea Versicolor?


Tinea Versicolor ( “pityriasis versicolor”) is a fungal infection caused by several Malassezia species of fungus. Tina Versa, as it is often called, can occur any place on the body but tends to present primarily on the chest, back, and upper arm areas because the fungus tends to grow on areas that sweat.


According to the American Academy of Dermatology, Tinea Versicolor is one of the more common skin infections found on individuals that live in warmer and more humid climates, and it has been found prevalent in athletes that frequent gyms or those that frequent tanning beds due to the similar climate like conditions.


Fortunately, unlike many other fungal skin infections, Tinea Versicolor is not contagious but does present in varying degrees as white or dark blotchy patches of varying sizes on otherwise clear skin affecting one’s appearance. Based on environment factors such as climate and other factors such as tanning bed use or frequent time spent in a humid environment like a gym or manufacturing plant relapse can become frequent and chronic overtime if not treated. 



Appearance of Tinea Versa will vary but tends to lead to small circular or blotchy spots of either lighter “hypopigmented” or darker “hyperpigmented” areas. The color of the spots will differ between individuals, but each person usually exhibits either the dark or lighter spots. The spots usually have well-defined borders, and multiple infections can fuse together over large areas if left untreated to creat more of a blotchy appearance. The spots tend to flake off (especially when scraped) and may itch when the body gets warmer like when working out or laying in a tanning bed.


When being treated it may take time for the spots to fully fade but if properly treated a good result can be expected.




The yeast that causes Tinea Versicolor infection is commonly found on the skin, but reasons which lead to overgrowth is currently unknown, but the following factors seem to have some correlation with Tinea Versicolor overgrowth:


-  Exposer to heat and humidity
– oily skin
– frequent sweating
– weakened immune system (but not always a factor)


The Malassezia species reside primarily around hair follicles and sebaceous glands which are natural areas of increased oil activity. Because the infection can be climate and environmental related, the spots may appear more frequently during hotter seasons and may exhibit seasonal relapses.


Natural Tinea Versicolor Treatment & On Going Prevention 


Naturasil Tinea Versicolor Treatment soothes, clears and helps with quick healing of the Tinea Versicolor fungus. Formulated to eliminate the fungus, Naturasil Tinea Versicolor remedy penetrates into the skin and assists in healing from the outside as well.  Naturasil offers individual products but for the best results we recommend our 2-part Tinea Versicolor Treatment pack for a simple complete solution.


Naturasil for Tinea Versicolor Treatment is a homeopathic medicine liquid that heals your fungal infection from the outside and penetrates deeply to kill the fungus on contact.


Naturasil Tinea Versicolor Medicated Soap is a homeopathic medicated anti-fungal soap that cleanses skin and helps stop the fungus and speed healing when used in conjunction with Naturasil for Tinea Versicolor Treatment liquid treatment. Used regularly It can help prevent the return of symptoms.



Naturasil Candida Clear is specially formulated for those with weakened immune systems to help your body fight fungal infections at a systemic level from the inside out.


When you used in conjunction our Tinea Versicolor treatment products effectiveness and healing time is excelled.


Bathing with Tinea Veriscolor Medicated Soap and following up with Naturasil's all natural Tinea Versicolor Liquid Treatment, will help you beat back the current outbreak and skin discoloration associated with Tinea Versicolor.



Continuing with a once to twice weekly use of the Tinea Versicolor Medicated Soap will help prevent spread of the fungal infection & future outbreaks.



Our Tinea Versicolor Treatments are all natural and have been carefully formulated to provide fast & lasting results. Don't waste time - Start treatment for tinea versicolor at home. 


Naturasil's Tinea Versicolor formula has active ingredient that is officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of The United States" and are based on the materia medica.

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