15 Natural Remedy Ingredients You Should Always Keep On Hand

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There are some natural remedy ingredients that might be in your pantry right now that you didn’t realize were part of the best to have on hand. Some of these, when combined, are fantastic at helping to soothe common conditions. However, each ingredient is, in it’s own right, a powerhouse that can take care of many things on their own!

Why Natural Ingredients?


Natural Ingredients are usually pretty easy to store, and typically come in handy in multiple and sometimes surprising ways! Many of these ingredients can be used in cooking and cleaning soothe the common cold or flu, ease allergy symptoms, and prevent stretch marks. Natural remedy ingredients, like in our list below, keep us healthy, happy, and living well!


Speaking of our list, each item follows with a sample of the nifty uses of these natural ingredients.

Our Top 15 List of Natural Remedy Ingredient to Keep At Home:

  1. Witch Hazel - Acne treatment/astringent, soothe itchy and dry skin, minor cuts
  2. Tea Tree Oil  Heals minor cuts, dandruff, fungal skin infections, burns, bug bites, acne, ingrown hairs, razor burn.
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar - Acid reflux, relieves allergies, relieves cold symptoms, natural detox, household cleaning, hair conditioner.
  4. Lavender Essential Oil - Stress, anxiety, insomnia, insect bites, eczema, tinea versicolor, headache, insect repellent.
  5. Ginger Root - Soothe upset stomach and nausea, calm coughs, fever reducer.
  6. Garlic - Cold and flu, natural immunity booster, natural pesticide in gardens, improves circulation, sore throat, ear infections.
  7. Aloe Vera - Burns, cuts, sunburn relief, natural immune booster, detox, anti-inflammatory, hydrates and rejuvenates skin, digestive relief.
  8. Peppermint Oil - Headache, muscle ache, allergy relief, sore throat, toothache, bug bite relief
  9. Raw Honey - Acne, scars, eczema, upset stomach and digestion relief, allergy relief, energy boost, natural immunity booster, sinus relief, hair conditioner.
  10. Lemons - Indigestion and constipation relief, sore throat, canker sores, cold and flu, fever, bug bite relief, furniture and mirror polish, disinfectant and cleanser, whiten laundry.
  11. Extra Virgin Olive Oil - shaving, massage oil, hair conditioning, stretch marks, flaky skin, chewing gum/adhesive remover, exfoliating, constipation, burns, cholesterol reducer, anti-inflammatory, removes ear wax.
  12. Coconut Oil - Deep conditioner for hair, shaving, skin moisturizer, stretch marks, energy booster, sore throat, makeup remover, lip balm, sunburn relief, minor cuts, ingrown hair, baby ointment, furniture polish and dust prevention, gum remover for hair.
  13. Epsom Salt - Bath soak, grow better vegetables, exfoliating, sunburn relief, laxative, splinter removal, sprains and bruises, tile and grout cleaner.
  14. Baking Soda - upset stomach, cough, sore throat, muscle pain and soreness, bug bite relief, dry skin, teeth whitener, heartburn, carpet cleaner, microwave cleaner, laundry aid, shoe deodorizer, clean fruit and vegetables.
  15. Green Tea - facial cleanser, detox bath soak, facial toner, cold and flu, puffy eyes, digestion relief, acne, exfoliating.


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We hope you enjoy these tips! Let us know what else you like to keep in stock at home!

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