'Mutant' Super Lice Resistant to Traditional Treatments Found in 25 States

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Natural Nits Can Kill Mutant Lice

map of Super Lice States

Lice populations in the states in pink have developed a high level of resistance to some of the most common treatments. Credit: Kyong Yoon, Ph.D. High-resolution image

Mutant Lice Are Hard To Kill

It's that time of year again, the kids go back to school and bring home unwanted friends, head lice. This year though, it's different. Head lice are not as easy to kill as they used to be, they have mutated and become pesticide resistant. 

Natural Lice Killer - Natural Nits

“It’s kind of alarming,” Yoon tells Yahoo Health. “A ton of products are not working.” It’s worth noting that Yoon’s study is ongoing, meaning these mutant lice may be in more than 25 states.


These Mutant Lice are all over the news, here are some links to investigate. 



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  • For those who have aggressively scratched their scalp, we recommend Natural Nits Sulfur Lavender Soap to help heal irritated or raw skin as well reduce the chance of infection.
  • Organic Crawling Insect Control Dust provides pet & child safe, long-lasting elimination on carpet, rugs, furniture, flooring, cracks, crevices, plants, and anywhere else the lice could have infested.
  • Natural Enzyme Cleaner provides eco-friendly cleaning power to rid book bags, cars, clothing, bedding and more of lice, nits and lice eggs.

By using our natural lice remedies during and after lice infestation, you are treating lice naturally without exposure to strong and often harsh chemicals found in other lice treatments. Our products rely on natural means to eliminate lice and remove nits from the hair and scalp. Our larger lice treatment kits provide extra products for cleansing your environment to help keep lice from re-infesting you and your family.

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