Frequently Asked Questions About And How to Get Rid Of Super Lice Quickly and Safely

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What do super lice look like?

The human eye cannot detect the difference between traditional lice and mutated super lice.

What Kills Super Lice?

Traditional pesticide-based lice treatments no longer work because lice have become and are increasingly becoming resistant to these poisons. Interestingly, more natural products such as Natural Nits from Naturasil without the use of pesticides. In the case of Natural Nits killing the super lice is accomplished by dissolving their exoskeleton with a natural enzyme that is harmless to humans and then burning the lice with simple peppermint.

What are super lice?

The term “Super Lice” refers to the mutation of lice that has caused them to become resistant to the traditional insecticide poison-based products often found on the Market.

Are super lice bigger?

No. Visually to the human eye they look the same as traditional lice.

Are super lice real?

Yes. They are the result of mutated lice that have grown resistant to tradition pesticide-based lice treatments over time.

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