Top Tips to Ease Morning Sickness

What Is ‘Morning Sickness’?

Let’s be honest - for anyone that has experienced morning sickness, that is a major misnomer. The typical symptoms are nausea with or without vomiting. Morning sickness is something many expectant moms typically face early in pregnancy, but it can, unfortunately, strike any time of day, multiple times a day, and even worse - sometimes all day.

A small percentage of moms to be will, unfortunately, experience morning sickness so severe that it causes excessive vomiting, and this may last throughout the entire pregnancy. This condition is called "hyperemesis gravidarum”, in which medication may be recommended by a doctor to help ease the symptoms. 

When Is It Necessary To Treat Morning Sickness Symptoms With Medication? 

Sometimes it is necessary to treat morning sickness with medication. The symptoms can be so severe that mom might have to miss work, social events, and even take trips to the hospital if the vomiting is so frequent, she becomes dehydrated. It’s important to become educated and ask your doctor questions before you take any medications, but there is no shame in seeking treatment if you and your doctor feel that it is best for you and baby.

Treating Morning Sickness Symptoms Without Medication

ginger tea

So what can you do if your symptoms are uncomfortable, but not inhibiting enough for you to want to have to be prescribed anything? There are many natural tips and tricks out there that can help get you through some of the most difficult queasy moments. Here’s our list of tried and true tips that seem to get the best results.

Natural Ways To Combat Nausea

  1. Eat small snacks and meals more frequently: Sometimes, the battle is trying to determine whether you’re nauseous or just really hungry. Eating more frequently can help keep moms to be from overeating on a sensitive stomach at mealtime, and keep blood sugar levels even. Crackers, pasteurized cheese snacks, nuts, fruit, and popcorn are some great suggestions for snacking throughout the day!
  2. Behold, the power of ginger! - This is an old remedy, but one that works great! Candied ginger, ginger drops, ginger tea, ginger ale - whichever way you choose to have it, ginger is a wonderful natural upset stomach soother that has been shown time and again to be effective!
  3. Stay cool - Feeling flush? Cool yourself down with a damp rag on the back of your neck. Cooling yourself down can help ease the sudden onset of nausea and may help keep you from vomiting.
  4. Wear looser pants/clothing - Tight-fitting bands that put pressure around your stomach can make you feel queasy. It’s no wonder why leggings and yoga pants tend to be the expectant mom’s favorite go-to wear!
  5. Aromatherapy/Relaxation Techniques - Lavender essential oil has been shown to be safe for use during pregnancy and not only helps promote relaxation but can also help ease the feeling of nausea when used in a diffuser or applied topically when combined with a carrier oil. Use a few drops in a soothing (but not too hot!) bath for some ultimate relaxation!

Whether you decide to try one or all of these tips to help ease your symptoms, it’s also important to remember to lower your stress as much as possible and get some fresh air with daily walks. It might be tough to want to be active when you’re not feeling your best - but sometimes a good change of scenery can give you a peaceful moment to forget the icky symptoms of morning sickness.


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