Why You Should Use A Daily Moisturizer

Our Skin Is Our Largest Organ

It may be easy to forget, but our skin is the human body’s largest organ. It helps to protect our internal organs, keeping them safe from toxins, bacteria, repelling water and protection from the sun and cold. Our skin does so much, but all too often we forget how and when to really take care of it.

Why We Need To Moisturize

Moisturizing your skin daily is essential to enhance its overall health and appearance. Dry skin can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful as it cracks and itches. This can, unfortunately, leave the skin more susceptible to infections.

Dry and thirsty skin is a contributing factor to acne problems. Excess oil is typically produced by the skin to make up for the lack of proper moisture. This can cause an overabundance of oil that can clog the pores which trap dirt, makeup, and germs leading to a pimple to form.

There are a few ways you can make sure to keep your skin nice and hydrated and looking youthful. One of the biggest tips is to drink plenty of water. Hydration is key to making sure your body flushes out toxins and remains supple and ready to handle what the environment dishes out. However, it is also very important to also moisturize the skin on the outside as well to help keep it nourished.

At What Age Should You Start Moisturizing?

Moisturizing the skin should start at a young age. Taking care of your skin from the start can keep skin healthy and youthful-looking for years to come!

Another fact to focus on when taking care of your skin? Take note of what ingredients are in your moisturizers, cleansers, and soaps. Natural soaps and serums are a great way to help keep your skin at it’s best without having to use harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals can strip your skin of too many of the natural oils our bodies produce which, in turn, can make the body overproduce oils in order to compensate, or they can simply create even drier skin.

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