Colloidal Silver Soap



If you have used Colloidal Silver you already know the great health benefits.*

Our hand-made Colloidal Silver Soap for body and face is made by in small batches by hand from the from superior ingredients.


Due to the hand-made process our Colloidal Silver Soap may have different color variations that can differ from batch to batch. Don't be alarmed, it's still the same great soap you have grown to know and love every time.


Our soap is manufactured in our FDA facility outside of Atlanta, Georgia. We have made sure to have several different versions from unscented to naturally derived scents to your liking.


  All Natural and NEVER tested on Animals




   Cleans, Conditions and Moisturizes While it Heals 


  Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal


 & Made in the USA!




Colloidal silver soap is different and it’s proving to be a great way to help the health of your skin.  Here are the Top Five Reasons You Need Colloidal Silver Soap:


1.    This long-lathering bar of soap is known for its powerful but nontoxic, anti-fungal, antiseptic and antibacterial properties.  Colloidal silver soap not only cleans the skin it moisturizes your skin too.*


2.    Colloidal Silver Soap helps provide relief from chronic skin conditions such as eczema, acne, fungal infections, psoriasis and dermatitis.  It’s even used by hospitals and the military.*

3.    For those with compromised immune systems, Colloidal Silver soap is great to use because of it’s antibacterial properties and it won’t dry the hands of frequent hand-washers*

4.    Scientific studies have shown that pure silver quickly kills bacteria. It even kills the super-bacteria that evolve after conventional disinfecting agents kill the weak strains of bacteria.  Colloidal Silver Soap deodorizes the skin and provides relief from itching.* 

5.    Colloidal Silver Soap promotes healthy skin cell grown by containing an abundance of silver nano particles (50,000 ppm per bar) that easily penetrate deep below the skin’s surface and down into each pore, conditioning the skin and helping skin to feel soft, smooth and younger looking.  It also helps reduce the appearance of acne.* 



An added bonus... Colloidal Silver Soap is great for men when shaving your face and ladies, it works amazing for shaving your legs.*

So as you can see, Colloidal Silver Soap offers many more benefits than your average bar of soap.  And since you’re not average... Your soap shouldn’t be either! *


Colloidal Silver Soap

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