Neuropathy Rub - 30ml

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Natural Neuropathy Remedy that Works!*   Naturasil Neuropathy Rub is a breakthrough treatment that assists in reducing the symptoms of neuropathy, without the harmful side effects found in many neuropathy...


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Natural Neuropathy Remedy that Works!*


Naturasil Neuropathy Rub is a breakthrough treatment that assists in reducing the symptoms of neuropathy, without the harmful side effects found in many neuropathy treatment drugs*.


The primary components of Naturasil Neuropathy Rub are plant extracts that are highly effective in combating neuropathy often caused by diabetes and other neuropathic conditions*.


The effectiveness of plant extracts are well known as they are used in 75% of all traditional pharmaceuticals world-wide.



  • Assists in relieving shooting, burning, tingling and stabbing pain*
  • Non-toxic and does not numb of area of application*
  • 100% essential oil from plant extracts




  • Hypericum acts as a remedy for injuries to nerves, excessive pain, spasms tingling, burning and numbness*.
  • Arnica Montana has been used for reducing the swelling and pain of bruises, sprains, and muscle/joint problems*.
  • Cypress Leaf Oil enlivens and regulates the flow of blood, easing muscle and joint stiffness*.
  • Eucalyptus Oil has a cooling and stimulating effect and can help with pain and inflammation. Eucalyptus is analgesic and anti-inflammatory by nature and also releases toxins from muscles*.
  • Pelargonium Leaf Oil has effective analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties*.
  • Peppermint Oil is a powerful analgesic pain reliever. The natural menthol in this oil can help relax muscle spasms and it also has an anti-viral action and pain relieving ability. Peppermint oil has been proven to have "pain relieving effects" equivalent to Tylenol1 (American Academy of Family physicians)*.
  • Sesame Seed Oil, which has long been used to aid with joint movement and to nourish bones and muscles. Sesame Seed oil is also known for its warming and soothing properties*.




Apply 10-20 drops of Naturasil Neuropathy Rub and massage into areas with symptoms of neuropathy. May be used 3-4 times daily. Pain should subside in 1-4 weeks. Results may vary.*


Some individuals may be sensitive to essential oils. Please skin test for tolerability. If irritaion or reaction occurs, discontinue use. Results may vary.*



Q. Does it really work?

A. Naturasil for Neuropathy Rub is one of the newer products we introduced in 2012. Since itƒ??s release, feed back from happy customers and high reorders indicate the success of this product.*

Q. What exactly does Naturasil for Neuropathy Rub do?

A. Naturasil for Neuropathy Rub assists in healing neuropathy conditions, such as numbness and tinging associated with diabetes and other neuropathic conditions by penetrating into the skin with essential oils that assist in relieving pain.*

Q. How do I use Naturasil for Neuropathy Rub?

A. Apply 10-20 drops Naturasil for Neuropathy Rub directly on to areas with symptoms of neuropathy and then massage into the skin. May be used 3-4 time a day for temporary relief.*

Q. How long until I see results?

A. Pain should generally subside in 1 to 4 weeks with continued use.*

Q. In what form does Naturasil For Neuropathy Rub come?

A. Naturasil For Neuropathy Rub is in liquid form and comes with a built in dropper for easy dispensing.

Q. How do you properly store this product? What is the shelf life?

A. Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight such as a cupboard or closet. If stored correctly, Naturasil Neuropathy Rub has a shelf life of 2 years.*

Q. How long does this bottle last?

A. One bottle of Naturasil For Neuropathy Rub should last approximately 30 days depending on amount used each time.*

Q. Can I use if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

A. Ask a doctor before use if pregnant or nursing.

For any other questions please refer to our FAQs or call toll free 866-371-2499

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