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Natural Treatment for Pet Mange* Naturasil for Pet Mange helps to eliminate sarcoptic and demodectic (demodex) mange on dogs, cats, and other animals*.  Naturasil for Pet Mange is natural and safe for...


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Natural Treatment for Pet Mange*

Naturasil for Pet Mange helps to eliminate sarcoptic and demodectic (demodex) mange on dogs, cats, and other animals*.  Naturasil for Pet Mange is natural and safe for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens that are 3 months of age and older. Naturasil for Pet Mange is a concentrated solution to be mixed with either water or with a shampoo of your choice. Larger animals such as horses, pigs, goats, sheep, etc may be treated for mange with SulfaDip, our lime-sulfur based dip used for larger animals*.


Naturasil Mange Remedy

Naturasil for mange check markAssists in treatment of Sarcoptic and Demodectic Mange*

Naturasil for mange check markFor animals 3 months and older

Naturasil for mange check markMade of natural plant extracts and natural concentrated sulfur compounds


    Mange is a skin disease caused by parasitic mites, some of which can be transmitted to humans.  Mange usually causes severe itching, hair loss and the formation of scabs and lesions due to the scratching of the infected areas.  

    Parasitic mites that cause mange embed themselves in the skin or hair follicles.  There are two types of mange, Demodectic Mange and Sarcoptic Mange.


    Demodectic Mange is also called demodex or red mange and is caused by sensitivity to and an overpopulation of the Demodex canis mite in the skin and hair follicles. All dogs are born with the demuxed canis mite.  When the immune system is compromised and the number of mites inhabiting the hair follicles and skin is excessive, it leads to skin issues, infections and hair loss.  For more information click here for our Mange Guide.


    Sarcoptic Mange is a highly contagious infestation of Sarcoptes scabiei canis which is a burrowing mite. This mite burrows through the skin, laying eggs and leaving waste causing intense itching and irritation.   Sarcopticv mange can be transmitted to humans and other animals when there is prolonged contact with an infested animal.  For more information click here for our Mange Guide.




    You will need the following:


    • Disposable container that will hold 10 oz of fluid
    • Plastic gloves
    • Wash basin


    Combine 30 ml of Naturasil for Pet Mange into disposable container, along with 2 oz water and 5 oz of any shampoo of your choice (baby, pet, or regular adult).  Mix thoroughly.


    Apply combined product well throughout pet's fur, being careful not to get in the eyes or mouth of your pet. You want all fur and skin to be covered with shampoo. Leave on 5-7 minutes, then rinse and air dry. Save any leftover combined product for the next treatment.


    Repeat every 5-7 days. Provides for 2-3 medicated baths. Mange and it's symptoms should start to subside within days and weeks. A good quality dog food and immune system boosters, such as Naturasil Dog Vitamins, are recommended to speed healing process.




    Q. Can I get mange?

    A. Demodectic mange can not be passed from animal to human or from animal to animal. Sarcoptic Mange is highly contagious and is transmittable not only between animals, but between animals and humans. Sarcoptic Mange is called Scabies when it infests a human being.

    If you are suffering from Scabies, take a moment to check out Naturasil's natural Scabies Treatments. If you are taking the steps to treat your pet, you should treat yourself as well to prevent either of you being reinfested.

    Q. What animals is Naturasil Pet Mange safe to use on?

    A. We recommend using this on any animal 3 months or older. For smaller animals, use a smaller amount. Make sure to keep soap out of pet's eyes and nose. If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately. For larger animals, we have SulfaDip, a lime-sulfur based dip that comes in larger quantities for use on animals such as horses, pigs, goats, sheep and similar.

    For any other questions please refer to our FAQs or call toll free 866-371-2499

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