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What are Lice?


The head louse is a tiny, wingless parasitic insect that lives among human hairs and feeds on small amounts of blood drawn from the scalp. Lice, the plural of louse, are a very common problem, especially for kids, ages 3 years to 12 years. Lice infests girls more often than boys due to longer hair and girls more often sharing hair accessories or brushes.



Lice do not spread disease. They are however, extremely contagious and their bites cause the scalp to become itchy and inflamed. With persistent scratching an infested person runs the risk of skin irritation and infection. 


Treating head lice quickly & effectively is important because they can spread easily from person to person. The key to getting rid of lice is how you get rid of lice eggs. Also known as nits, lice eggs are the reason you comb through your hair as well as use product to kill lice. They can be found all around hair follicles though generally they are clustered close to the root where the adult lice can easily lay them.

Can't Get Rid of Lice?

It is likely you are Dealing with Super Lice? (Yep! its a real thing and we have a solution! ) So, What is Super Lice?


Much in the same way antibiotics are increasingly less effective on humans, recently traditional Lice have started mutating and are increasingly resistant to traditional pesticide based lice treatments. These lice are now commonly refereed to as Super Lice. It is a real and serious growing problem in the United States and we have more information available here:



If you are experiencing difficulty in getting rid of lice with traditional pesticide based lice treatments its is likely you are dealing with Super Lice!


Fortunately, Natural Nits Lice Treatments work on all Lice Including Super Lice! Heck! Here is what you need to know:


  • Our Natural Nits Lice Treatment Kit was created with the safety of children in mind and is effective on all people. It is manufactured for ease of use in our FDA Facility in Buford GA and is a FDA Registered Product.
  • No Harsh Chemicals or Pesticides are in Natural Nits Lice Treatment Products! Our products work by dissolving the louse’s waxy exoskeleton not through pesticides
  • By using our Natural Nits lice remedies before, during and after lice infestation, you are treating lice naturally without exposure to strong and often harsh chemicals found in other lice treatments.
  • Buy With Confidence! We take pride in all of our solutions here at Naturasil and back up all of our products with our 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

We Make Getting Rid Of & Preventing Lice Easy!

With our easy 2 Step Natural Nits Lice Treatment Kit you can get rid of lice today and prevent re-infestation! (Because you know once there is an outbreak in an area it can happen again and you don't need that!) Here is how the kit works!


  1. The Natural Nits Foam Mouse Lice Treatment  is used to eradicate and kill the Lice and Nits (eggs).  It is an easy safe effective process and has a great minty smell!
  2. The Natural Nits Stay Away Spray  has the same great smell and works to guard you from re-infestation. This is important in school settings and in environments where there are ongoing outbreaks of lice.  Natural Nits Stay Away Spray is also a great lice preventative and can be used to keep you from getting lice by simply spraying the safe non toxic formula in your hair daily as may pediatricians and teachers do because of the environments they work in.  It is also great for sports and can be directly sprayed into helmets that are shared to prevent potential spreading of lice!


Our optional larger lice treatment kits provide extra products for cleansing your environment to help keep lice from re-infesting you and your family.


Natural Nits check markNatural Nits Sulfur Lavender Soap works for those who have aggressively scratched their scalp, to help heal irritated or raw skin as well reduce the chance of infection.

Natural Nits check markOrganic Crawling Insect Control Dust provides pet and child-safe, long-lasting elimination on carpet, rugs, furniture, flooring, cracks, crevices, plants, and anywhere else the lice could have invaded.

Natural Nits check markNatural Enzyme Cleaner provides eco-friendly cleaning power to rid book bags, cars, clothing, bedding and more, of lice, nits and lice eggs.



Lice Treatment

Lice Treatment Kit
Lice Treatment in 2 Easy Steps*   Natural Nits Treatment & Aftercare products are FDA registered natural, homeopathic lice treatments...
Natural Nits Stay Away Lice...
STOP re-infestation of lice with Natural Nits Stay Away Lice and Nit Aftercare Spray (8 fl oz) when used daily AFTER...
Natural Nits Advanced Foam Mousse...
Get rid of lice, nits and eggs in 2 easy steps with Natural Nits Advanced Foaming Mousse Lice and Nit...
Lice Treatment Value Kit
Lice Treatment in 2 Easy Steps* Pack Includes   Advanced Foam Lice and Nit Treatment - 4oz Bottle  Stay Away...
Lice Treatment Family Kit
Family Size Lice Treatment Kit* Pack Includes: (2) Advanced Foam Lice and Nit Treatment - 4 oz Bottles     ...
Lice Treatment Super Kit
Lice Treatment Super Kit* Natural Nits Treatment & Aftercare products are natural, homeopathic lice treatments that work for treating nits...
BenzaRid Hospital Grade Cleaner -...
BenzaRid Ready-to-Use Cleaner Disinfectant and Virucide   BenzaRid Spray is an EPA registered Ready-to-Use hospital grade non-staining, odorless, colorless, disinfectant,...
$29.95 $39.95
ElimiMite™ Dust Mite Laundry Additive...
ElimiMite™ Laundry Additive to the rescue!   ElimiMite is the natural way of eliminating dust mite allergens using natural enzyme action...
ElimiMite™ Dust Mite Laundry Additive...
ElimiMite™ Laundry Additive to the rescue!*   ElimiMite is the natural way of eliminating dust mite allergens using natural enzyme action...

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