Dog Wart Removal | Treatment for Pet Warts and Skin Tags

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Colección: Dog Warts and Skin Tags

What is Dog Warts (Canine Warts)?

 Dog warts are small benign growths on a dog’s skin. Cauliflower-shaped, they can be skin-colored or whitish-yellow in color. They are caused by the papillomavirus. They can spread and can appear in clusters or in different areas of the body. These warts are not painful but they may be irritating.* 

Naturasil for Dog Warts helps eliminate warts without pain, scarring, or the harsh ingredients found in many traditional treatments.* All-natural dog wart removal is as simple as brushing the liquid onto your dog's wart. The natural essential oils in Naturasil for Dog Warts absorb into the wart to treat it internally and over time will cause the wart to dry up and flake away.* This treatment will also remove dog skin tags as well!

 Directions are on the inside of the label.

We take pride in all of our solutions here at Naturasil and back up all of our products with a 33 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!



"This. Stuff. Works!! My dog had a nasty wart under her eye. My vet was going to charge hundreds of dollars to remove it so I thought, why not give this a try? It totally worked! The wart fell off in 3 days!" - Greg

"I wasn't sure if it was going to work, but after about 3 weeks it did start to work." - Tim9

"This product is amazing with a couple of weeks it helped my dog’s wart disappear and there is no scar! The only thing is that has a really strong smell but is a great product!"Juliette

"This Stuff Works Great! It took care of my pup's face wart within about 2 weeks! Highly recommend it!" - Cheri

"Still using this product as directed. Minimal size changes, but they are not growing. My 16-year-old min pin does not mind the application or order. I'm looking forward to the spots disappearing. Since the warts are large, I expect it will not happen overnight."  Anonymous

"After getting a $800 quote from vet to remove wart from my dog I decided to research other options. Customer reviews for this product were positive so decided to try. It’s been 4 days the redness has subsided and crust is forming. It has also shrunk slightly in size. I would recommend this natural way to reduce the wart. It says may take 2 weeks so I’m diligent in applying 3 times a day. - Helen

"As you can see by the photo, the wart near my dog’s lip was huge and would bleed occasionally. My vet recommended we remove it surgically, not so much for the size, but he was concerned about the bleeding. Before I put my 15 yr old dog under anesthesia, I researched dog wart removers and started using Naturasil Dog Wart Remover. In three weeks, the wart was 1/4 the size and no longer bleeds. I’m hoping it will completely disappear in another couple of weeks. I'm so grateful this product worked as well as it did. Highly recommend it." "  - Elaine 

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