Treating Ringworm

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Treating Ringworm

Ringworm Treatment


Because ringworm can spread very easily, it is important to begin treating the infection as quickly as possible. Most doctors recommend topical creams ointments, available over the counter. Naturasil offers several products that are 100% natural and proven effective.


Naturasil Ring Worm Treatment


Naturasil for Ringworm

is a topical liquid made from plant extracts, most of which are used in 75% of all traditional pharmaceuticals worldwide. Apply two to five drop of this topical treatment on the affected area of skin for up to three weeks, less depending on the severity of the outbreak. You should notice a difference within the first week of application. It is important to follow the directions exactly; you may need to continue treatment for a few days even after the symptoms have subsided to keep the infection from returning.



Once you have had ringworm, it is much easier for ringworm to recur or to get a different type of fungal infection. Naturasil Sulfur-Lavender Soap is an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial body wash that will help prevent future outbreaks of ringworm and other skin infections. Use this soap on a regular basis to keep your skin fresh and clear of outbreaks.


naturasil-ringworm-valuepak-22158-std.jpg"This product healed my ringworm in 4 days... Last time it took weeks to heal with prescriptions! Many thanks for a super product!" - Gene N.

Naturasil Candida Clear is an oral treatment that goes hand in hand with Naturasil for Ringworm. Candida Clear is an all-natural herbal supplement that fights yeast infection as well as other fungal infections, such as ringworm. Using this in conjunction with the topical liquid treatment will speed the healing process.


Keep in mind that fungal infections are spread by contact with persons or surfaces that have come into contact with the fungus. In an effort to completely rid your environment of the ringworm fungus, you will need to wash your clothes in hot water and soap, as well as clean any other surfaces you may have come into contact with while infected. BenzaRid Spray will come in handy for this task as it can be used to treat beds, couches, carpets, hard surfaces, or any other area that requires cleansing. This is a completely organic anti-fungal, anti-bacterial antiseptic spray that will not harm you or your pets. It is completely safe to use in your home or work space.


If you have ringworm, start your treatment today; check out Naturasil for Ringworm Value Package to save time and money and get your life back to normal as soon as possible!