FREE! In-Depth Scabies Guide eBook *Free with Any Scabies Pack* ($9.99

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FREE! In-Depth Scabies Guide eBook *Free with Any Scabies Pack* ($9.99 value) - Naturasil
FREE! In-Depth Scabies Guide eBook *Free with Any Scabies Pack* ($9.99 value) - Naturasil
FREE! In-Depth Scabies Guide eBook *Free with Any Scabies Pack* ($9.99 value)
FREE! In-Depth Scabies Guide eBook *Free with Any Scabies Pack* ($9.99 value)
FREE! In-Depth Scabies Guide eBook *Free with Any Scabies Pack* ($9.99 value)
FREE! In-Depth Scabies Guide eBook *Free with Any Scabies Pack* ($9.99 value)

FREE! In-Depth Scabies Guide eBook *Free with Any Scabies Pack* ($9.99 value)

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The In-Depth Scabies Guide, written by homeopathic practitioner Bill Carlson, is an easy-to-read eBook giving you the details of how scabies is contracted and a comparison of natural remedies versus traditional pesticidal medicines.


Scabies is one of the oldest skin parasites known to humans. Evidence of infestations dates back over 2,500 years; however, it wasn't until 1687 when Giovan Cosimo Bonomo and Giacinto Cestoni isolated a human skin mite that would ultimately be assigned the label Sarcoptes scabiei, or more notoriously known as scabies. Although a name was not attributed to the “affliction” of scabies, tales of mysterious skin mites span centuries and continents.


From Aristotle to ancient Arabia, this common parasite survived for centuries and made its presence known from royalty to peasants. In fact, the evidence outlined in the International Journal of Dermatology, suggests even the great Napoleon may have suffered from a lifelong case of scabies. Scabies is classified as an arachnid, as it has eight legs within a round body measuring less than 0.5 millimeters in length. Although small, these highly adaptable mites are capable of thriving in a variety of conditions, as long as they have a human host to feed off.


burrowing scabiesAdult mites survive by burrowing tunnels into the top layer of your skin. Female scabies lay their eggs within these tunnels under your skin and may live up to one month. These eggs hatch within three to four days and the newly hatched larvae create new burrows closer to the surface of your skin.


This newly hatched scabies develop into adults within an average of four days.  From there, the adult mites may continue their life cycle within the host or be transmitted to a new host. The itching you experience is a result of fecal matter, secretions, and molted skin left behind while the mites burrow under the skin.


Left untreated, scabies mites will continue to reproduce, making eggs, larvae, and finally, the young nymphs will turn into adults, continuing the process of making new burrows.


A scabies treatment protocol is absolutely necessary to permanently eradicate the scabies mite from under the skin.


This eBook addresses the various treatment options available.

You will learn in this eBook:

  • An Exploration into Scabies
  • Do I have Scabies?
  • How Do you get Scabies?
  • Diagnosing A Scabies Infestation
  • Norwegian Scabies
  • Scabies Itch & Rash
  • Scabies Treatment & Preparation
  • Scabies Treatment Options
  • Post-Treatment Tips & Techniques
  • How Do I Know Scabies Are Gone?
  • Facts About scabies
  • Scabies Questions & Answers & Complete References


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About The Author

Author Bill Carlson has spent over 25 years as a homeopathic practitioner, traveling the world studying natural, homeopathic, Eastern, and alternative medicines in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, and the Middle East.

Ultimately Bill decided to take his study into practice by starting Nature’s Innovation Inc., a manufacturer of homeopathic medicines in 2004. Research and development of over 100 natural and alternative solutions have ensued since the start of the company.

Bill’s work has led to new patents and products including homeopathic remedies, natural cosmetic and soap formulations, food supplements, and natural pest control solutions. Bill’s knowledge and research in the field of alternative medicine have led to sharing his knowledge through radio, television, books, and educational seminars, including Bill’s weekly podcast, TalkNaturally™, with discussion and information on natural health and wellness. Bill’s mission is to provide leading-edge alternatives to traditional medicine and help improve people’s health as naturally as possible.

Bill wishes everyone Health, Wellness & Happiness.


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