Naturasil Affiliate Program 

Nature’s Innovation is a leader in Natural Homeopathic Remedies that WORK! Started in 2003 by Bill Carlson out of his garage, Nature’s Innovation has grown into a company with many different products & a large customer base across North America and Europe.

What separates's affiliate program from the competition?

We have just upgraded our affiliate commission, Starting at 20%, and you can get as much as 30%! No competitor in the industry has as high of a payout as! We want you as an affiliate and are willing to back that up with the best commission in the business.

Quality affiliate/partner attention! Our team takes a different approach to affiliate management. It is dedicated to providing affiliates with all the tools they need to generate sales. You won't be able to find this kind of flexibility and help anywhere else. These features, combined with high commissions and on-time payments, make our affiliate program one of the best on the Internet.

High Conversions - No Refunds - We believe in our products!

Our websites consistently convert visitors into buyers at a 6-10% conversion rate. We proudly offer high-quality products with high conversion ratios and meager refund rates (only 1%-2%). We offer our customers a 33-day refund policy because we believe in our products.

Our Guarantee - If you are not satisfied, return the unused portion of the product within 33-days for a refund.*

Earn more with Nature’s Innovation:

  • 20% Starting Commissions on every sale
  • up to 30%+ Commission for Performing Publishers
  • $60+ average order size
  • Optimized product data feed

Getting Paid:

Our affiliate management is outsourced through Commission Junction to ensure you will be paid correctly and on time.

We are vested in your success, as we only make money when our affiliates make money. So you can be assured you will be paid honestly, on time, and accurately. We understand that the more you drive, the more you will promote. The more you promote, the more you will sell, and the more you sell, the more we both will make. We want you to be successful and will help you in every way possible!

Sales Tracking:

We use Commission Junction - one of the oldest and biggest affiliate networks, to track and run our affiliate program. With CJ's state-of-the-art commission tracking, you must use the links provided in your account and know that you are getting the credit you deserve.

No Hidden Fees or Charges: Signing up for our affiliate program is free! We do not charge any hidden fees or charges. Click on the button below to sign up for our affiliate/partner program Today and begin making money immediately!

I Have Signed Up Already!

If you have already signed up, the next step is getting your affiliate link. Login to your CJ account and look for our Program under Nature's Innovation. Choose the banners and links, or use our product feed. Start sending traffic through your links to our site, and potentially start making big money Today!

Notice of Trademark Infringement, Domain, or Intellectual Property Theft:

Nature's Innovation, Inc. has spent considerable money and time building its brand of trademarks and integrity for the name "NATURASIL." We stand behind our company and products. We will not support websites or companies that "highjack" our trademarked domains in any country worldwide. Therefore, please do not register a domain with the name "NATURASIL" anywhere in it (such as www.naturasil.x.x domain) and expect to become an affiliate. These domains are considered trademark and intellectual property infringement against our company.

We are pursuing litigation in any trademark or intellectual property infringement case, including ICAAN representation in these lawsuits worldwide. Poachers and pirates will not be rewarded for stealing our company's trademarks or intellectual property by becoming an affiliate or asking for a "ransom" to purchase the domain back from them.

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