Athlete's Foot Treatment

Athlete's Foot Treatment

Athlete's foot is a fungal infection of the foot. The most common type of athlete's foot is a toe web infection, which usually occurs between the fourth and fifth toes but can also infect the webbing between the other toes. Moccasin-type athlete's foot starts on the foot's heel and spreads quickly to cover the whole bottom of the foot; this type of infection causes the skin on the bottom of the foot to thicken and sometimes turn yellow or whitish. Vesicular athlete's foot infections consist of blisters on the sole and sometimes between the toes. These blisters can be painful to walk on, and a vesicular disease is the most common type of athlete's foot to incur a bacterial infection. However, any athlete's foot can develop a bacterial infection without treatment.

Before doctors prescribe an anti-fungal medication, they will all recommend trying over-the-counter products since anti-fungal creams and ointments available over the counter usually take care of the infection. Naturasil for Athlete's Foot is a topical liquid that must be applied to the rash twice a day. Once used, this liquid will absorb right into the skin to fight the fungus internally and externally. It is a 100% all-natural product, as opposed to some of its chemically infused counterparts that have been found to cause kidney and liver damage.

Naturasil Sulfur-Lavender Soap is a body wash bar soap that will help cleanse the skin of any fungi or bacteria that may have taken root. The ingredients used for this soap will clean your skin and give your body a calming effect, thanks to the French Lavender essence present in every bar of soap. You can use this soap regularly to help keep your skin healthy and radiant.


Naturasil offers two oral treatments you can use with Naturasil for Athlete's Foot to help speed up the healing process. Candida Clear is explicitly formulated to fight fungal infection from the inside. It is a vegetarian formula that will work effortlessly in conjunction with Naturasil for Athlete's Foot to eliminate the fungus. Naturasil Immune Booster is a general supplement that gives your immune system that extra boost to help itself. You can take the immune booster regularly as a daily supplement.


BenzaRid Spray is an excellent option for treating your environment to ensure total eradication of the fungus giving you grief. This is an all-natural and organic spray that can be sprayed on hardwood floors, carpets, tile, or anywhere else the fungi may be living. It is safe for humans and pets.


The fungi associated with an athlete's foot can live anywhere that is moist and warm, so when you've taken showers or walked around your house barefoot while being infected with athlete's foot, you've unknowingly transferred the fungi to those areas.


Fungal infections are itchy and sometimes even painful. While not every fungus is an enemy (mmm… portabella mushrooms!), there is no reason to allow an athlete's foot to control your life. Get back to enjoying every day and get your Naturasil's Athlete's Foot treatment today!