DIY Best Scabies Treatment in 4 Easy Steps

1. Add 10-20 drops of the Naturasil™ for Scabies Liquid to bath water and soak for 20 minutes. Allow skin to air dry.
2. Use the Naturasil Scabies Relief Soap at least 2 times per day.
3. Apply to dry skin Scabies Topical Cream to the affected areas 2-3 times per day.
4. Repeat steps for 4-10 days We recommend washing all linens in hot water and dry them on high heat daily 

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    Scabies Treatment Perfect For 1 Person

    This Naturasil Scabies Treatment Starter Pack has everything that you could need in one place to start killing scabies and get some relief!
    1 - 15ml bottle of Naturasil for Scabies Liquid
    1 - 120ml jar of Naturasil Scabies Topical Cream
    2 bars of Naturasil Scabies Relief Soap

    Recommend adding Benzarid® to treat bedding.

    ***Rush Delivery Available***

    *Results may vary - 90 day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

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    Scabies Treatment for 2-4 People

    This Naturasil Scabies Treatment Family Pack has everything a small family needs in one convenient pack.
    1 - 50ml bottle of Naturasil Scabies Liquid
    4 - 120ml jar of Naturasil Scabies Topical Cream
    2 bars of Naturasil Scabies Relief Soap
    1 - 32oz bottle of BenzaRid® Spray (for use on beds and bedding)

    Start killing scabies and get some relief!

    ***Rush Delivery Available***

    *Results may vary - 90 day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

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    Scabies Treatment Pack for 4-5 People

    If you have a lot of people to treat... Or just want to make sure those nasty scabies die and stay dead... this is the pack for you!
    1 - 50ml bottle of Naturasil Scabies Liquid
    5 - 120ml jar of Naturasil Scabies Topical Cream
    4 bars of Naturasil Scabies Relief Soap 1 - Gallon of BenzaRid® Spray
    1 - Lighted Pocked Microscope used for mite identification
    1 - Naturasil Bite Relief

    ***Rush Delivery Available***

    *Results may vary - 90 day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

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Getting rid of scabies can be a struggle. You must be diligent with these scabies treatments. Our natural scabies medicines come with thorough instructions on how to eliminate itchy and contagious scabies mites. No matter which product or combination of products you use - from our Scabies Liquid Bath Treatment to our Scabies Topical Cream - we guarantee our products will work if you use it correctly.  In fact, you can shop with confidence knowing if you are not 100% satisfied, you can take advantage of our 90 day money back guarantee.

We also have wonderful customer service staff that can help you each step of the way. Customer Service is available 9am - 5pm EST Monday - Friday. Feel free to call after hours and leave a message. Should you need any advice or help call our customer service at 1-866-371-2499.

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How to tell if a company is legit in the Homeopathic/Natural Space

Naturasil Scabies Treatment Testimonials & Reviews

5 Star Rating 5 star rating for Naturasil Scabies Products
“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I found you all in desperate attempt to find something... anything that worked to get rid of these darn itchy little mites. My husband and I tried everything our doctor prescribed. Nothing worked. We'd get a little relief from itching but most times that seems to spur the scabies on. Maybe they'd get mad?
I doubt that is possible but that is sure what it felt like.


We got so tired of being isolated from our friends and family. We missed holiday gatherings because we didn't want to share this nightmare.

But then when I was looking around online I came across reviews for your scabies treatment. I had to try it. I could have rolled around in mud at that point. Thankfully it never came to that. Naturasil is my scabies killing secret now! We've been treating since the second week of January and its almost over. Our skin is almost done healing up from the burrows of the mites. We aren't itching. I don't feel like I have bugs crawling on me anymore. My clothes and bedding aren't being fanatically washed every single day. I can safely say Naturasil got rid of my scabies. Thank you guys for having such a great combo of products.” *Results may vary*

Ashley from Kansas City
5 Star Rating 5 star rating for Naturasil Scabies Products
“Hi, I wanted to tell you my scabies story. First, I and my son started itching like crazy, and getting these raised red bumps on us. We tried treating it with over the counter medicines and nothing worked to get rid of it. Then we went to the dermatologist and they took a scrape sample off of us. They told us we had scabies mites in us (I was horrified!)
They prescribed a permethrin cream. I started looking this up on the internet and found out that it was a poison pesticide. I called the doctor and they said that it was the only thing that worked for scabies. Then I started doing my own research and came across your product that has no pesticide in it. I ordered it and received it very quickly. (I like that, because if you have scabies you want them off of you as fast as possible).
We applied the treatment and took very long hot baths with the Naturasil liquid and well as used it in our wash. We vacuumed and cleaned with BenzaRid spray everywhere, including my cars. Within 3 days our scabies had been treated and 5 days later we treated again and are now scabies free, thank God! Thank you so much for changing our life. I have heard horror stories of not being able to get rid of these buggers!!” *Results may vary*

Joan Davis from Freemont California
5 Star Rating 5 star rating for Naturasil Scabies Products
“My family and I tried multiple treatments of prescription cream, and I was eventually put on prescription shampoo as well. They would go away temporarily and then eventually come back. It was so frustrating, and the shampoo is a one time treatment. Just about at my wits end, I stumbled onto this site searching for homeopathic treatments. I purchased the family pack, and used it as recommended.


Within a couple of days, the symptoms eased, and within a week, I had no new spots. I stopped using it, and a few new spots popped up a couple of days later. I restarted treatment, and after the 2nd treatment, they were completely gone. It's been over a month, and we're still all symptom free!

If you have tried multiple treatments and are still struggling, I would highly recommend trying this. Some people don't like the smell, but it really didn't bother me. The liquid has a strong scent, but again, it just didn't bother me. Frankly, I would have put up with just about anything to get rid of these darn things! If you're searching, best of luck to you. I know how frustrating it can be trying to get rid of them!.”  *Results may vary*

5 Star Rating 5 star rating for Naturasil Scabies Products
“Hello - I have been in a living nightmare with scabies. My girlfriend and I have had them for over 6 months. We spend thousands of dollars on doctors and medicines. No one seamed to be able to help us.

I could not even tell a co-worker that I was the one who gave scabies to her and her family. I felt awful. I have tried almost every product out there, including some of the ones with pesticides.

Yours is different because you can use it on your body and in your bath and wash. Your advice really works! We are now scabies free. Thank you for making my girlfriend's and my life better. You do not know what this is like until you have to go through it. I never thought that there were such bad things out there.

Again, Thank you!!  *Results may vary*

Thomas B. from Tacoma, WA

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