About Our Microscope

Detect Scabies & Bed Bugs Easily with this Lighted Pocket Microscope.

  • This microscope features a built-in light illuminating the object, providing a bright and clear image.
  • It also has a focus control that allows you to adjust the focus as you change the magnification.
  • The microscope comes with a carrying case, requiring three LR927 batteries, which are included.

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What Are Scabies?
How Did I Get Scabies?
What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of A Scabies Infestation?
What Are Crusted (Norwegian) Scabies?
How Soon After Infestation Do Symptoms Of Scabies Begin?
Can Scabies Be Treated?
How Long Can Scabies Mites Live?
How Can I Remove Scabies Mites From My House Or Carpet?
How Can I Remove Scabies Mites From My Clothes?
Did I Get Scabies From My Pet? Can I Give It To My Pet?

More Rave Reviews from our Amazon Customers!

"I used this to identify some bed bug larva on my bed that I was not sure about. It worked great."

 - Mark

"The first time I looked through the microscope I thought I would see just my skin but came right down on top of a scabies mite. I didn't have an effective way to put the mite on a slide so that someone else could see it (like a dermatologist). I never was able to find another on me as I had purchased the scope to find them on my husband. It definitely takes a lot of skill to isolate a mite already under someone's skin which is why very few dermatologists will do this. Most dermatologists will take a biopsy of a site and send this to a lab that will confirm scabies poop as highly suggestive of an arthropod. The Microscope is easy to use and effective. The mites are so small no one could see them without at least a 45 x magnification." 

- Analy

"Thank you!!! You guys saved me so much money. My kid brought home bed bugs from summer camp and we were looking at a huge bill from exterminators that come to your house. We couldn't swing it, which meant we were going to have to live with bed bugs. Gross!! Bed bug patrol worked fast and it didn't smell chemically like the bug bomb I tried first. Bed bugs are gone and we can sleep and it didn't break the bank." 

- Blair