Pet Mange Treatment

Pet Mange Treatment

Pet mange is caused by mites burrowing under the skin of your pet and laying their eggs. Their body’s allergic reaction causes intense itchiness and hair loss and can even cause bacterial infections if not treated properly and effectively. Not only do you want your dog to feel better, but pet mange is also highly contagious. While treating your pet, it is crucial to keep them home and away from other animals to keep the mange from spreading.

The first thing to do is change your pet’s diet to a more organic one if he is not already on one. Many pet stores offer organic and healthy dog options, so going to an expensive health food store is not always necessary. Look for foods with some sort of meat listed first under the ingredients list instead of corn or wheat.

Just as humans need to take supplements and multivitamins, your pet should also take vitamins. Add Naturasil Dog Vitamins to your pet’s diet to help boost his immune system and fight mange from the inside. Even after your pet is feeling better, these vitamins are essential to your pet’s diet to ensure its immune system stays strong.



In addition to a healthier diet, you must fight the mange mites head-on! Naturasil for Pet Mange is an all-natural product that will kill mites on contact. You must bathe your pet in the liquid concentrate mixed with shampoo every five to seven days. After two baths, you will begin to see improvement. It is essential to follow the directions exactly to kill all the mites; after three to four baths, your pet should feel back to its old self.


To rid your pet and home of the mites, you must also treat your dog’s environment. You can spread organic Crawling Bug Control Dust on carpets, rugs, furniture, and any other area the mites may have infested. It is an entirely organic powder that will not harm humans or pets. Wash all of your dog’s bedding in hot water with soap, and wash any other items your pet lies on to ensure complete eradication. Another option for keeping your home mite-free is BenzaRid Spray. This is a non-staining, odorless disinfectant spray that can be applied anywhere from the beds to the floors. You can use BenzaRid Spray and Organic Crawling Bug Control Dust to kill mites, fungi, bed bugs, and many other pests that may invade your home or your skin.


If your pet has pet mange, get started treating him today. The Naturasil products are entirely organic, so there’s no harm in trying them. The prescriptions from your veterinarian will cure pet mange, but they have also been known to kill pets. They are very hazardous and should be avoided at all costs. There is no need to worry, though, because, with Naturasil, you can treat your pet with tried and true methods!