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Naturasil Scabies Packs*


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Your Best Scabies Treatment Options Are:



IMPORTANT! If you are treating more than 5 people for scabies, give us a call, 1-866-371-2499, so we can help you get the right amount of scabies treatment products for your situation!



Naturasil Scabies Relief Treatments are natural, homeopathic remedies are over-the-counter (OTC) scabies treatments you can use in the comfort of your own home*.

Take a second to read this emotional testimonial from Thomas from Tacoma Washington…

Thomas B., Tacoma, WA. - 5 Star Rating 5 star rating for Naturasil Scabies Products

"Hello - I have been in a living nightmare with scabies. My girlfriend and I have had them for over 6 months. We spend thousands of dollars on doctors and medicines. No one seamed to be able to help us.


I could not even tell a co-worker that I was the one who gave scabies to her and her family. I felt awful. I have tried almost every product out there, including some of the ones with pesticides.


Yours is different because you can use it on your body and in your bath and wash. Your advice really works! We are now scabies free. Thank you for making my girlfriend's and my life better. You do not know what this is like until you have to go through it. I never thought that there were such bad things out there.


Again, Thank you!!"

*results may vary



Know This... You Are Not Alone, And This is NOT Your Fault!


When you find out that you or your family has scabies its normal to feel embarrassed. You don’t want anyone to know and you just want to get this problem taken care of as quickly and quietly as possible.


Most people assume that scabies are these little bugs that only effect dirty, nasty people. But this is far from the truth.


Anyone can get scabies. Scabies mites are attracted to the warmth and smell of humans and are highly contagious. Although they cannot fly or jump, they can move from person to person through:


  • shared clothing
  • using an infected person’s belongings
  • by sharing a chair
  • just by a simple by touch.


When you think about how school children interact, it’s really easy to see how a child can easily contract scabies and bring these nasty mites into their own home without ever knowing.

What Are Scabies Exactly? How Do You Know You Have Scabies?


Sarcoptes ScabieiScabies are caused by a very small itch mite called the Sarcoptes Scabiei, that burrow into the skin, creating small, threadlike tunnels that can sometimes be seen on the skin.


As these mites burrow through your skin laying eggs & leaving feces, it causes intense itching – which becomes so unbearable at night, you wish you could just scratch off your skin!






The most common locations for scabies mites to attack and leave their infamously maddening, itchy red marks, are:


  • around your waist Scabies Mites Infection Areas
  • in your arm pits
  • on your wrists
  • on inner elbows
  • on your hands, particularly on the sides and between fingers
  • on feet, particularly between toes and around heel







Chloe - 5 Star Rating

5 star rating for Naturasil Scabies Products

"The next day I applied the product in question, it was already such a relief (scabies are definitely no fun, in case you were wondering). After two three days, I felt cured, but continued two or three other days just to make sure.
A month later, I can tell it worked completely, no other scabies in sight. Such a relief, thank you."

*results may vary





Naturasil Scabies Treatments

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We travelled the world in search of pharmaceutical grade, powerful natural plant extracts. After spending years of research on homeopathic treatments for the scabies mite, we have developed two exclusive formulas that cannot be found in any other product on the market.



Naturasil Scabies Liquid Sulfur Bath Soak is made from sulfur and natural plant extracts. The active components of Naturasil is high levels of alpha-terpinene-4-ol, a compound found in the plant extracts cymbopogon citratus and melaleuca alternifolia, as well as the jojoba plant, and the volcanic mineral lac sulfuris. These natural ingredients have amazing and well proven mite treatment properties.



Joan C. Davis, Freemont, California - 5 Star Rating

5 star rating for Naturasil Scabies Products

“Hi, I wanted to tell you my scabies story. First, I and my son started itching like crazy, and getting these raised red bumps on us. We tried treating it with over the counter medicines and nothing worked to get rid of it. Then we went to the dermatologist and they took a scrape sample off of us. They told us we had scabies mites in us (I was horrified!) they prescribed a permethrin cream. I started looking this up on the internet and found out that it was a poison pesticide. I called the doctor and they said that it was the only thing that worked for scabies. Then I started doing my own research and came across your product that has no pesticide in it. I ordered it and received it very quickly. (I like that, because if you have scabies you want them off of you as fast as possible). We applied the treatment and took very long hot baths with the Naturasil liquid and well as used it in our wash. We vacuumed and cleaned with BenzaRid spray everywhere, including my cars. Within 3 days our scabies had been treated and 5 days later we treated again and are now scabies free, thank God!


Thank you so much for changing our life. I have heard horror stories of not being able to get rid of these buggers!!”

*results may vary


Mother of an Allergy Prone 6 year old - 5 Star Rating

5 star rating for Naturasil Scabies Products

"If you want to fight scabies in the most effective and gentle way - use these Naturasil Scabies products!


The Naturasil products are great both for adults and children. We started using Naturasil products, because we were afraid of putting pesticide cream ("medicine") from paediatrician on child's skin. After the same pesticide medicine (permeth****) I had 24h tingling in my skin, most possibly due to the 'reversible' (?) nerve damage because of pesticides plus a week of depression and 'brain fog'. I had no visible sings of allergy, these were just 'normal' side effects for this type of 'medicine'. If an adult has reaction like this - I couldn't think about what a child can get. I simply couldn't put pesticides on my child's skin (he anyway gets allergy to everything and if I have to think about some nerve damage or brain damage or liver damage).


I am very happy I found Naturasil products and bought them. We used the topical cream and soap for a week first, then had couple of days break and repeat therapy for 3 days. There is strong smell but my allergy prone child didn't get allergy to it. No one in the family got any side effects. Naturasil products are anyway gentler and safer than sulfur creams/soaps and the smell is better.


Additionally to using Naturasil products we were doing all the typical washing, cleaning that has to be done in this situation plus daily hot baths with magnesium sulfate salt with added drops of eucalyptus, lemon grass and tea tree oil drops. We were cured for longer than 2 months now, but since my child's school seems to have problems with scabies this year, my child got again infected, for second time in 4 months now. So we are using Naturasil products already second time in 4 months. If I listened to dermatologist or paediatrician I would have to use on my family 4 times pesticide cream. Even in my garden I do not use pesticides .."

*results may vary


Experience is key, and at Naturasil, we've been pioneering natural, customized, affordable and discreet scabies treatments for over 12 years. Our natural scabies medicines even come with thorough instructions on how to eliminate these itchy and contagious mites. Plus, if you have any questions, our knowledgeable & friendly customer service representatives are here to help!


No matter which product or combination of products you use - from our Scabies Liquid Bath Soak Treatment to our Scabies Topical Sulfur Cream - we offer 100% satisfaction with a 90-day money back guarantee.


We are so confident that Naturasil Scabies Treatment Products will work for you - they are all covered in our 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Trying this natural approach is TOTALLY RISK FREE! FOR 90 DAYS!!!

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IMPORTANT! If you are treating more than 5 people for scabies, give us a call, 1-866-371-2499, so we can help you get the right amount of scabies treatment products for your situation!


Need more information? Now you can download our In-Depth Scabies Guide for FREE! Just click the link below and you can learn more about this horrific scabies mite and how to prevent, treat and protect you and your family.


If you have any questions, we have a wonderful customer service staff that can help you each step of the way. Customer Service is available 9am - 5pm EST Monday - Friday. Feel free to call after hours and leave a message and we will get back to you asap. Your confidence is guaranteed should you need any advice or help.


Call our customer service at 1-866-371-2499.

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