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THE MOST INNOVATIVE, COMPLETE FORMULA TO EFFECTIVELY ELIMINATE TINEA-IS HERE, AND IS NOW AVAILABLE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION! You need a set of products designed to work together in the proper proportions to treat you. Take a look below for more important information that you cannot be without!


"I loved this product. I used it for more than a month 2 - 3 times a day with (Naturasil Tinea Versicolor 15Ml). I exposed my body to the sun and the spots went away."


"Well, I've only applied this two times. Smell's a lot like tea tree oil. Yum!"


"My daughter used this product I highly recommend!!! It helps her."


"I have tinea versicolor that comes back seasonally. My doctor told me to use dandruff shampoo on it but that burns my skin and didn't work at all anyway. I just started this along with the sulfur lavender tinea versicolor soap. Neither caused any irritation or burning. I used the treatment yesterday after I showered with the soap and I showered using the soap again today. IT IS ALREADY GOING AWAY! I cannot believe it. I wish I took before and after photos. My spots were red and itchy and even raised some and I had it across both shoulders and a little on my back and a few spots on my torso under my breasts and down my sides. I have had it for years and literally, the only other thing that worked was prescription Diflucan but no doctors will prescribe that for tinea so I have to lie and say I have a yeast infection to get it. This works! My spots are barely visible already! I am hoping I can use it as a preventative maybe once a week after it clears up. It has also helped some rosacea on my cheeks and cleared up my breakouts. Sulfur works great for adult acne as well in case you did not know. It does have a scent but it's more like Eucalyptus than sulfur. Lotion covered it up and it's worth it. I wish I had known this existed years ago. I am ecstatic! Get both!"


"This stuff works! It stops the itch and clears the rash. I'm so glad it was available without a prescription."


"A bit fragrant like Tea Tree-ish, but very fast working. Overnight difference!"


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