Natural Nits Stay Away Lice and Nit Aftercare Spray

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STOP re-infestation of lice with Natural Nits Stay Away Lice and Nit Aftercare Spray (8 fl oz) when used daily AFTER treatment with Natural Nits Advanced Foaming Mousse.*   Natural Nits...


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STOP re-infestation of lice with Natural Nits Stay Away Lice and Nit Aftercare Spray (8 fl oz) when used daily AFTER treatment with Natural Nits Advanced Foaming Mousse.*


Natural Nits Stay Away Lice and Nit Aftercare Spray helps protect your hair and scalp from re-infestation.* This is especially helpful in school aged children who need to return to the classroom where you can't guarantee all lice infestations are gone.*


Natural Nits Stay Away Spray is an FDA registered, natural homeopathic lice treatment formula that was created with your child's safety in mind. Natural Nits contains no harsh chemicals with nasty side effects, no pesticides with long term consequences and it's safe to use on even the most sensitive skin.*


Natural Nits check markNon-Toxic, Chemical Free and Pesticide Free



Natural Nits check markEasy & Painless to use*



Spray Stay Away Lice and Nit Spray liberally on damp hair, avoiding contact with eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Use a comb to distribute through the hair and onto the scalp. Can be used daily to keep the threat of lice at bay.


Great to spray in helmets, hats, or caps to help re infestation of lice and nits. Help to protect your children today with Natural Nits Stay Away Lice and Nits Aftercare Spray!


Natural Nits products are guaranteed by our 90 Day 100% Monday Back Guarantee. We know they work well with proper application and you may use multiple times without waiting period.*




Q. What are lice and nits?

A. Head lice are parasitic insects that can be found on the head, eyebrows, and eyelashes of people. They feed on human blood several times a day and live close to the human scalp and are not known to spread disease. For more details please view the Life Cylce of Lice & Nits.

Q. What are the symptoms of Lice?

A. There is often a tickling feeling of something moving in the hair accompanied by Itching, caused by an allergic reaction to the bites of the head louse. Irritability and difficulty sleeping are common as head lice are most active in the dark. Children will often have sores on the head caused by scratching. These sores can sometimes become infected with bacteria found on the person's skin. It is possible to see the eggs(nits), lice nymph and adult lice close to the scalp.

Q. How do you get lice?

A. Head lice can be contracted in a number of ways.

  • Contact with an infested person: during play, school, sports activities, home, slumber parties, or camp.
  • Wearing infested clothing, such as hats, scarves, coats, etc.
  • Using infested combs, brushes, or towels.
  • Lying on a bed, couch, pillow, carpet, or stuffed animal that has recently been in contact with a person with lice.

Q. Where are lice and nits found?

A. Head lice and nits are found almost exclusively on the scalp, particularly around and behind the ears and near the neckline at the back of the head. They are sometimes found on the eyelashes or eyebrows but this is uncommon. Head lice hold tightly to hair with hook-like claws at the end of each of their six legs; while head lice nits are cemented firmly to the hair shaft and hard to remove.

Q. How is a lice infestation diagnosed?

A. The diagnosis of a head lice infestation is made by finding a live nymph or adult louse on the scalp or hair of a person. Because nymphs and adult lice are very small, move quickly, and avoid light, they can be difficult to find.

Use of a magnifying lens and a fine toothed comb may be helpful to find live lice. If crawling lice are not seen, finding nits firmly attached within a 1/4 inch of the base of the hair shafts strongly suggests, but does not confirm, that a person is infested and should be treated. Nits that are attached more than 1/4 inch from the base of the hair shaft are almost always dead or already hatched.

Q. How do I use Natural Nits Lice Treatment Kit?

A. You apply the Advanced Foam Lice and Nit Treatment to dry hair and work through the hair paying special attention to the scalp and hairline. Be careful not to get foam in ears, eyes, nose or mouth. Leave foam in hair for 15-25 minutes then rinse out. Apply a conditioner to hair and detangle with wide tooth comb. After lightly patting dry, go through hair in sections with the provided lice comb. Be sure you are using the comb on every angle of the hair shaft.


Once done, spray hair thoroughly with the Stay Away Lice & Nit Aftercare Spray. Continue to use the spray after every shower for up to 7 days. If you find evidence of another lice or nit, repeat the process.*

Some individuals may be sensitive to essential oils. Please skin test for tolerability. If irritation or reaction occurs, discontinue use.

Q. Can I take if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

A. Ask a doctor before use if pregnant or nursing.

For any other questions please refer to our FAQs or call toll free 866-371-2499

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