Fun Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day

Fun Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day

When I was young and living the carefree life of a teen, my parents would take us to our country club to celebrate the weekend.

My Dad would golf, and Mum and I would hang out at the pool. She would slather cocoa butter all over her, and I would jump in the pool and play with my friends. I remember in 1976, Speedo came out with a patriotic swimsuit, and I got one. Oh, how I loved that suit.

I also swam for the club, so it was efficient as well. It was razorback, white background with red and blue stars and stripes, and I thought I was the Princess I was always called. :)

After we pooled, we would go home and get ready to grill out. The club had a BBQ, and then, at dusk, the fireworks would start. We would throw our blanket down on the golf course and have dinner; that smelled so wonderful I can smell it now. 

Then, the music would start, and then BAM, POP, SWOOSH, and the display would start. It usually lasted around 30-45 minutes, but when I was a kid, it seemed like it was that long. I recall sitting there, listening, watching, and thinking life could not get any better. 

I am quite sure that tradition continues now. I know many friends who gather with their family and friends and either put on their fireworks display or go to a community spot to watch.