How to Get Rid of Skin Tags

A Natural Approach for Permanent and Effective Skin Tag Removal


skin tagsThe presence of skin tags is one filled with annoyance and aggravation. Although this common skin condition is not a cause of concern, for many, it does cultivate feelings of embarrassment and frustration. Because the location of these skin growths can be in highly visible areas, such as along the eyelids or the neck, the majority of people with these growths wish to have them removed. Perhaps the fastest way to rid your body of these benign skin tumors is to have them cut off by your physician; however, with swiftness comes a hefty price. The majority of insurance policies do not cover these procedures because their presence is harmless. Therefore, if you wish to eradicate your skin tags without turning to highly invasive, and expensive, treatment plans, then you should fix your gaze toward homeopathic remedies.

Eliminating Skin Tags Through All Natural Methods


As with many skin lesions, the application of specific compounds can prove to be highly effective. However, there are several myths surrounding the natural removal of skin tags. Perhaps the most widely accepted one is by tying a string around the growth to “starve” it from blood supply. While upon first thought this may seem like an effective treatment method, there are serious consequences. By cutting off its blood supply, you could inadvertently cause the growth to enlarge as it seeks out new blood. Another, and more common, side effect is serious pain. While these skin growths may not feel sensitive, they are a combination of nerve cells, collagen fibers and thicker skin cells. By tightly wrapping a string around the skin tag, you could aggravate nerve endings, which results in a potentially serious pain response.


If you're seeking an effective, and pain-free, treatment option then you must combine topical essential oils and immune system support. Although the exact cause of skin tags is relatively unknown to the scientific community, it's believed part of its proliferation is directly linked to your immune system. Therefore, by supporting your body's natural defense system, you'll effectively combat not only current skin tags, but also the development of future growths.


Although there are many different essential oils and herbs touted as being an effective treatment for getting rid of skin tags, few of these compounds have been clinically tested for its effectiveness. While the true potency of natural remedies can vary from person-to-person, the following compounds are known within the holistic and alternative medicine circles as being effective in removing these common growths.


Thuja Occidentalis – A Homeopathic Approach to Treatment

The foundation of homeopathic remedies is belief that “like cures like,” which suggests to cure skin tags through homeopathic methods means you should utilize compounds that directly interact with skin cells, blood vessels and collagen fibers. Thuja occidentalis is one of the most celebrated homeopathic remedies for skin tags as it's known to directly interact with the skin, blood and brain. Evidence outlined by ABC Homeopathy suggests the active compounds in this remedy directly influence the pathological pathways associated with skin cutaneous conditions, such as skin tags and warts. Its use primarily involves topical application directly to skin tags, and even warts, to gently dissolve the excess accumulation of skin cells.


Colloidal Silver – Treat Underlining Causes of Skin Tags


Information outlined by the Journal of Clinical Pathology found DNA of the HPV virus in roughly 88 percent of analyzed skin tags. Although the proliferation of skin tags may not be directly related to HPV, effective natural remedies are those that attack all possible reasons as to why a skin tag may develop. According to data collected by Robert O. Becker in his book The Body Electric, colloidal silver is a potent antibacterial agent and stimulates the growth and repair of tissue due to how it interacts with the human body. By washing skin tags with colloidal silver soap, it's believed the malformation within the skin cells and included tissue is corrected, which ultimately results in the skin tag being removed. Should the growth be caused by HPV-6 or HPV-11, preliminary evidence suggests the topical application of colloidal silver may help reverse the growth by killing the virus responsible for its formation.


Ultimately, when it comes to naturally treating skin tags, you must take your time researching and investigating the use of various substances. As stated earlier, what works for your friend may not work for you. However, with dedication and persistence you can naturally get rid of skin tags without having to introduce or apply harsh synthetic chemicals into your body.



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