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FDA Registered and supported by over 200,000 Itch and Mite Free Customers and our Money Back Guarantee.

Mite-B-Gone Instructions

Cleanse the skin thoroughly before applying. Cover the affected area with cream once per day. If excessive drying of the skin or rash occurs, reduce the application of cream or discontinue use. To speed relief, we recommend using Mite-B-Gone Sulfur Lavender soap. 

For Best Results: Please, skin test for tolerability. Some may be sensitive to sulfur or essential oils in this product. If irritation or reaction occurs, discontinue use. Remove jewelry before use.

Note: Sometimes during shipping, the Mite-B-Gone jar gets turned upside down. Caution when opening. The heat from shipping environments can temporarily thin the product. Simply refrigerate for 2-3 hours to restore. 


More Rave Reviews from our Amazon Customers!

"Fast Acting"

"So far, so good! I’ve tried everything and this is reducing redness, itchiness, and appearance overall. Will update in a week or so."

- Chantel

"Warning! Open carefully!!

"It's a VERY thin cream and will spill all over the place. Arrived on time, 1/03/21, Pleasant smell. It felt good, soothing, going on. As I spilled a generous amount when I opened it, there really was no skin testing I could do, so, I just slathered my arm as my test spot. It definitely stopped the itching almost immediately.

I'll report back as I notice changes. Please click the "Helpful" button if you find this helpful.

Back story: I have what I'm positive are scabies on my inner right elbow and back of right knee. I believe I got them from someone sitting in my chair at work in July 2020, since it started in the summer on the backs of my knees only. I thought I had it under control, and almost gone, for a while, but it came back, with a vengeance, on the right knee and right elbow recently.

I've had 4 back to back rounds of antibiotics that did nothing to help when a doctor thought it was a staph infection. Likely only a secondary issue due to the scratching."

"It really works, I hesitated using it the grit scared me but it is very good!"

"Not all creamy there is granules in it, but guess I was a chicken lol"

- goldilocks

"It really works!"

"Surprised this creme really worked and bye bye mites."

- Hwdreams

"My daughter who often scratched open sores hasn't scratched all day"

"Not sure what's on my hands and all over my 3-year-olds body, but we've been fighting it for months and tried many products.

Thought it was eczema but cortisone doesn't help at all. I really don't know what it is and nether dose the worthless doctor. Anyhow after one days use, both my daughter and my skin looks better that it has in a very log time.

It's less than I thought, smaller I should say, and I'm putting it all over my daughters body, now twice, so the bottle is almost half gone already, and I just ordered two more.

I see people say it doesn't work? I've spent hundreds over the months and nothing worked like this did. It literally worked over night.

My hands look almost completely healthy and my daughter who often scratched open sores hasn't scratched all day. It's way worth the $ I spent on it.

Update after 3 weeks use
My daughter's skin is clear! I really wish I took some pictures because this is incredible improvement. I've used two and a half containers now, but am applying it less and less with each week that passed. I'm ordering another bottle now just to have it on hand in case of another "flare up", But as I said her skin is almost completely healed, no open sores, no rash, nothing... My hands are also almost clear, although I do need to use it once or twice a day still because its still a little itchy, mostly at night.
I highly recommend this product."

- Douglas

"Worked extremely well"

"Love it. It worked very well for my daughters scabies and she absolutely loved the smell( it smells like herbal medicine). she said it smells "like fresh dirt and tea tree oil". She kept sniffing herself and giggling. Overall it stopped her itching and cleared and healed her scabies in about 8 days. I kept applying it for a few days after it was gone to be certain. I am writing this review several months after use. I still use this for minor rashes and itchy skin, works very well."


"Didn't smell, wasn't greasy, and it worked."

- Cheryl

"Worked wonderfully for my daughter's dog. He developed horrible hot spots seemingly out of nowhere. This dried them up healed them quickly. I'll tell you these were nasty hot spots."

- Cally

"I had a terrible case of mites. Permethrin prescribed by my MD did nothing. Tea tree oil, neem, and clove did nothing. Sulfur is what kills mites -- pet owners know it, gardeners know it, and farmers know it. However, sulfur soap and Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) baths did nothing. Only sulfur in MBG cream helped me. I'm not done with this yet, but so far I would say that I'm confident that MBG kills these mites. MBG has helped me when almost nothing else did (vinegar helps a little) and has basically saved my life. Do this first if you have mites."

- Bart

"My 4-month-old son broke out in a horrible rash all over his face and stomach. The doctor said it was a bad case of eczema. She told me to keep it moisturized and recommended OTC lotions. I restricted my diet (breastfeeding) & quit giving him the Dr. recommended probiotics and Vitamin D. Nothing seemed to work. I was at my wit's end and finally found this product! Within a week his skin started clearing up. I found the probiotics I was using to be the trigger of eczema (yes, I got another flare-up after I restarted the Dr. recommended probiotics.) He is now 18 months and no flare-ups since."

- Desiree

"I use this for rosacea. I have had bad red zit-like rosacea for years and have tried everything. I put a light coat on my clean face and head before bed. Then, after a morning shower, I put a light coat on my face. After it dries, I wipe off the scrubby beads and put bare mineral makeup on. It will dry out your face, (like it should). My face started clearing up in a couple of days. If anyone complains and discontinues using this because of the smell (which is not that bad), they do not have THAT big of a problem. The cure outweighs it."

- Janice

"Great relief for itch and hopefully with more use, mites will be gone. Also, love the lavender and sulfur soap." 

- TJ

Homes With A Relative Humidity That
Consistently Rises Above 50 Percent Can
Contain More Than 100 Dust Mites Per Gram Of Dust.
(IL Dept of Health)