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Polvo para control de insectos rastreros | 100% Tierra de Diatomeas | Aplicador incluido - 2 libras

Polvo para control de insectos rastreros | 100% Tierra de Diatomeas | Aplicador incluido - 2 libras

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  • Crawling Dust - Pure 100% Diatomaceous Earth.
    • Discover the natural solution to keeping your home free from unwanted crawling pests. Our Crawling Dust is crafted from 100% Diatomaceous Earth, a powerful and eco-friendly way to protect your living space.
  • Key Benefits:

    • 100% Pure Diatomaceous Earth: Crafted from pure, all-natural Diatomaceous Earth, our product is completely free from additives and harmful chemicals, providing a safe, non-toxic solution for effective pest control.
    • Highly Effective Pest Elimination: Efficiently eradicates a wide range of crawling insects, including ants, roaches, fleas, and more, delivering a powerful barrier against pest invasion.
    • Extended Pest Protection: Offers durable, long-term defense against pests with a single application, ensuring your space remains pest-free for longer durations.
    • Eco-Friendly and Safe: Made with environmentally sustainable, biodegradable Diatomaceous Earth, our product supports ecological health while maintaining high effectiveness against pests.
    • Simple and Efficient Application: Our user-friendly product is designed for a hassle-free application, allowing quick and easy distribution to create a secure, pest-repellent barrier.
  • Natural Pest Control, Naturally:
    • We believe in the power of nature. Crawling Dust is composed of fossilized algae, known as Diatomaceous Earth, which acts as a mechanical killer of pests by dehydrating them.
  • Bye-Bye Crawling Pests:
    • Say goodbye to the nuisance of crawling insects invading your home. Our product provides a barrier that pests can't cross.
  • Environmentally Responsible:
    • Protect your home and the planet. Diatomaceous Earth is safe for the environment and decomposes naturally.
  • Easy to Use, Hard on Pests:
    • Application is a breeze—sprinkle Crawling Dust where pests will likely crawl, and let it work its magic. No harsh chemicals are required.
  • At Naturasil, we prioritize natural ingredients free from harsh side effects. Our treatments are made from plant extracts that are widely recognized for their effectiveness. They are commonly utilized in 75% of all pharmaceuticals worldwide. Rest assured that you'll only find natural goodness in our products.
  • Instrucciones de cuidado

    How To Use Crawling Insect Dust

    How To Use Crawling Insect Dust:

    • To eliminate crawling insects:
      • Apply Crawling Insect Dust to areas where you find insects.
      • Use the FREE hand duster to apply the dust to cracks and crevices.
      • Apply it lightly and uniformly for best results.

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  • Crawling Insect Control Dust:
    • Active Ingredients:
      • Silicon dioxide (from diatomaceous earth)......85%
      • Other element oxides.........................................10%
      • Moisture................................................................5%
      • Total....................................................................100%
    • EPA Reg. No. 73729-1-67197.
  • Preguntas frecuentes

    What is Crawling Insect Dust?
    Crawling Insect Control Dust is diatomaceous earth that provides safe, organic, long-term elimination of bed bugs on carpets, rugs, furniture, flooring, cracks, crevices, plants, and anywhere bugs have infested your home.
    How Do I Use This Crawling Dust?
    To eliminate crawling insects:
    • Apply Crawling Dust to areas where you find insects.
    • Use the FREE hand duster to apply the dust to cracks and crevices.
    • Apply it lightly and uniformly for best results.
    What Is Crawling Dust Made Of?
    Crawling Insect Control Dust Ingredients - Silicon dioxide from diatomaceous earth 85%, other element oxides 10%, Moisture 5%.
    • EPA Reg. No. 73729-1-67197.
    How Does Crawling Dust Work?
    Crawling Insect Control Dust is 100% diatomaceous earth.
    • It is a light dust that clings easily to insects' bodies as they walk or crawl over it. Unlike boric acid dust, which works best when ingested, Crawling Insect Control Dust only requires contact with the insect to be effective.
    • It absorbs the waxy cuticle surrounding the insect, causing the insect to dehydrate and die.
    Can This Be Used Outside?
    Yes! Cockroaches, earwigs, grasshoppers, ants, crickets, and other crawling insects:
    • Lightly coat a thin layer of Crawling Insect Control Dust in areas where the insects are found, such as patios, outdoor sills, windows, and door frames.
    • Dust around foundations, along ant trails, and around sewer pipes & drains.
    • Repeat treatment as necessary.

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    Fabricado en EE.UU.

    El polvo para el control de insectos rastreros está compuesto 100% de tierra de diatomeas, compuesta de caparazones fosilizados finamente molidos de pequeños organismos conocidos como diatomeas. Este polvo liviano se adhiere efectivamente a los cuerpos de los insectos cuando se arrastran o caminan sobre él. A diferencia del polvo de ácido bórico, que es más efectivo cuando se consume, el polvo para el control de insectos rastreros solo necesita entrar en contacto con el insecto para funcionar. Luego, el polvo absorbe la cutícula cerosa del insecto, deshidratándolo y matándolo.