Scabies Symptoms & Diagnosis

Scabies Symptoms & Diagnosis

When the human itch mite makes you its new home, it burrows under the top layers of your skin, creating tunnels, and lays its eggs. After a few weeks, your body will realize what is happening and start having an allergic reaction in an attempt to fight off the mites. Your body cannot fight scabies off by itself. It will require help, so it is crucial to be able to recognize the symptoms of scabies to avoid misdiagnosis.


"It's the kind of itch that makes you want to scratch your skin completely off..."

The main symptom you will notice first is severe, nearly intolerable itchiness. The kind of itch that makes you want to scratch your skin entirely off, but try not to do this. The more you scratch, the more likely you are to have open wounds, which can lead to a bacterial infection.


The itchiness is more apparent after bathing and night (which means sleep will be almost impossible). The longer the mites are allowed to thrive in your skin, the itchier your skin becomes. Topical creams and liquids (such as the Naturasil Scabies Liquid Bath Soak and Naturasil Scabies Topical Sulfur Cream) will help relieve the itchiness and kill the mites all in one shot.




Itchiness is followed by irritated skin and sometimes reddish brown bumps or sores. While some of these bumps are burrows with mites at the end, it is essential to remember that scabies rashes typically only consist of 10-15 live mites (or less if the treatment is started early).


Most of the bumps are your body's itchy reaction to a foreign invader. The skin color where the rash is located will turn reddish, but again this is your body's reaction to the infestation. Itching the rash will not only cause the skin to be further irritated, but this can also spread the mites to other areas of your skin and cause open wounds.



"It is important to get a correct diagnosis as quickly as possible... this rash is very contagious..."


While the scabies rash is often mistaken for dry skin, it is vital to get a correct diagnosis as quickly as possible and begin treatment as this rash is very contagious to others (and irritating to you)! An easy way to tell if you have scabies is to look closely at the rash for tiny, curving tracks where there are sores. These are the mite burrows and a sure sign of scabies. If you can't see the tracks, stroke a washable felt-tip pen across the rash and wipe away the ink with water or an alcohol swab. If there are burrows, they will absorb the ink and become more visible to the naked eye.


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If you suspect you may have scabies, confirm the diagnosis using one of the methods above or by visiting your doctor. It is crucial to start treatment right away. Naturasil offers tried and true products to begin relieving your symptoms right away.

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