Skin Tag Symptoms and Diagnosis

skin tags

Skin Tags Symptom & Diagnosis

Skin tags are small pieces of hanging skin, usually on the neck or armpits. While the neck and armpits are the most common locations for skin tags, they can appear anywhere there is skin. They typically develop where there is much rubbing. Hence, women with larger breasts tend to get them underneath their breasts where the bra wire sits, and obese people commonly develop them where there are folds in their skin.

 While they are not dangerous, they can be very annoying and sometimes painful. Skin tags are pretty small, sometimes as small as the head of a pin. However, they can grow to be up to 5 cm in diameter. Since they typically grow where there is much rubbing, it is easy to get them snagged on jewelry, clothing, or seatbelts. When they get caught on things, it may give you the feeling of being pinched until you unsnag the skin tag.


 Skin tags are typically flesh-colored or brown. They are easily mistaken for moles, but skin tags are typically much smaller than moles. In rare cases, skin tags can grow to be the size of a grape! Skin tags start as a small stalk in the skin and grow to encompass the surrounding skin. It is the surrounding skin that gives the skin tag its typical appearance. Skin tags can be smooth or wrinkled, but they differ from moles because you can usually see the stalk beneath the skin tag, especially on larger skin tags.

The stalk provides a blood supply to the skin tag. If the skin tag gets snagged on something, the blood supply may get twisted and unable to provide a sufficient blood supply to the skin tag. The lack of blood can cause a skin tag to turn red or black. If a skin tag is twisted enough or caught on something sharp, it may even begin to bleed.

Besides being annoying when caught on things or perhaps embarrassing, skin tags are not associated with dangerous skin conditions. They are easy to recognize and just as easy to treat, especially with all-natural products like those offered by Naturasil.

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