Treating Eczema

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Treating Eczema

Eczema Treatment

Eczema is an itchy rash that is passed down through genetics. If you have it, you have it for life. However, eczema symptoms can be treated and once you get rid of an outbreak it often lies dormant for years.

Naturasil Eczema Treatment



Naturasil for Eczema is an all-natural treatment derived from plant extracts. The ingredients used in our Naturasil for Eczema formula have well-known eczema fighting properties. Unlike more traditional creams prescribed by physicians, our treatment does not include any harsh chemicals and will not cause any harmful side effects. Just apply the liquid to the affected area two to three times a day until the rash clears, which usually takes from 1-5 days.


In addition to the Naturasil for Eczema treatment, we offer a Sulfur-Lavender Soap. This all-natural, handmade soap helps to cleanse the skin of excess bacteria, fungi, or dirt which helps avoid any infections in open wounds caused by scratching. The Sulfur-Lavender Soap also works in tandem with the topical treatment to help speed up the healing process.



If you have an eczema outbreak, you can do a few things to keep the itchiness to a minimum. Take luke warm showers (or baths) instead of hot showers and keep them as short as possible. When you exit the shower, pat yourself dry and use a fragrance-free lotion within the first 15 minutes of getting out to keep as much moisture in your skin as possible. Also, wear lose clothing to allow the rash to breathe. Tight clothing will smother the rash, and the clothing rubbing against the rash with sweat and dirt will cause the rash to itch.


Eczema can consume your life if you don’t keep it in check. Don’t let your life be run by a skin condition; start you Naturasil treatment today and get some relief!