6 Tips for Natural Pain Relief

6 Tips for Natural Pain Relief

More and more often we hear about people being stubborn to take medication to help with pain. A huge factor into this is the number of research studies that have been showing the negative effects or simply non-effective results that using over the counter pain relievers have. The studies are also showing that opiate pain relievers aren't having a pain reducing effect either.

Ease Pain Naturally

Rest - Often we push ourselves to the limits and deal with the repercussions later. Aches and pains let us know that we need to slow down and take a break.


Ice - Depending on where you are experiencing pain, you may want to try applying an ice pack. Always wrap or cover the ice pack before applying to the skin. The suggestion? 20 minutes on, allow for the affected area to return to normal temperature (usually around 20 minutes) and reapply. This is to help soothe pain causing inflammation as well as bruises or swelling caused by trauma. After the first 48 hours, you may want to try heat.


Heat - Using a heating pad on painful or sore muscles helps to bring and encourage blood flow as well as relax muscle tension and tightness. Be sure to use a comfortable temperature that is not too hot as it can cause discomfort.


Compress - Compression sleeves, braces, and wraps - these can help support strained muscles and ligaments. Look for comfortable and light options that provide good support without being too bulky.


Elevate - Depending on the area, propping the affected area up can help alleviate the strain of swelling and fluid collecting to the area.


Natural Pain Relievers - Occasionally the pain gets all too real and it’s difficult to ignore and natural pain relievers can help to alleviate it. Though not all topical pain relievers are created equal, look for those that specifically list their ingredients and avoid unnecessary ingredients.


Pain Relief Infographic


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