Dog Warts and You

Dog warts are small benign growths or bumps on your dog’s skin. They can be skin-colored or whitish-yellow. They do not cause pain but depending where they are located on the dog, could cause discomfort. Dog warts are caused by the papillomavirus. 
My dog recently had a bout with a growth, on her chinny chin chin. She is far too young to have warts on her beautiful blonde face. I applied the Dog Wart solution to her twice a day and within a few weeks, it had dried up and fallen off. Thankfully, this wart has not returned.
The dog wart application did not hurt her or cause any pain as she patiently sat there every time I doused the wart with the all-natural and organic solution that is Naturasil Dog Wart.
If you are looking for a quick and easy remedy to remove your dogs’ wart(s), I highly recommend this product.

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