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Every parent wants their kid to have a healthy diet, but somehow our children always seem to find a way to sneak in the junk food. Holidays make this task even harder because cakes and cookies and candies are being offered from every direcHon you turn. The trick is to offer your kid a healthy alternaHve – especially if they don't realize it's a healthy snack (wink, wink). Check out these recipes that kids are guaranteed to love!

    • Whole Wheat Sugar Cookies. SomeHmes all you need is to replace a few ingredients in an already tasty recipe. By replacing regular flour with whole wheat flour, you cut out a good deal of fat and sugar and add a healthy dose of fiber. The best part: your kids will be none-­‐the-­‐wiser.

    • Banana Pudding. A healthy dessert to begin with, you can turn this creamy treat into a slam dunk that's healthy and that your kids will love! By using low-­‐fat milk, fat-­‐free condensed milk, and plenty of vanilla extract you can cut out the excess saturated fat. The bananas naturally sweeten the dish and also add vitamin B6 to the mix; use egg whites only and you'll lower the cholesterol as well!

    • White Chocolate Holiday Bark. This treat was one of my favorites when I was a kid. It isn't low in calories, but it is low in cholesterol and sodium. The cranberries and almonds in this recipe add anHoxidants – but don't tell the kids. All they need to hear is 'chocolate!'

    • Snowman on a Stick. For those of you who may be lacking in kitchen skills, this is your recipe. Using banana slices, apple slices, grapes, bits of carrot, pretzels, and chocolate chips you and your kids can build snowmen! Not only is this a great family acHvity for the holidays, but it doesn't get much healthier than this (and those who could burn water only have to worry about cutting their fingers off)!

    • Chocolate-­‐Cherry Heart Smart Cookies. This recipe offers another whole-­‐wheat treat packed with cherries, oats, and chocolate. These cookies are a treat for the kids and for their hearts – and a treat for you knowing they'll be eaHng healthy and not complaining! http://­‐cherry-­‐heart-­‐smart-­‐cookies-­‐10000001949710/

    • Peanut Butter & Jelly Thumbprints. What kid doesn't like peanut bu)er and jelly? The classic sandwich makes a great holiday treat when it's turned into a cookie! This is a fun one to make with your kids as well because they can put their thumbprints in the cookies for the jam. It's a bit high in the calories, but you can't beat the protein!­‐ bu)er-­‐jelly-­‐thumbprints-­‐10000001687689/

    • Sugared Cranberries. Another recipe for the kitchen-­‐challenged, this treat is exactly what it sounds like: cranberries covered in sugar. Despite the fact that there's a lot of sugar, the benefits of cranberries far outweigh the disadvantages of eaHng sugar in this recipe. Enjoy the golden opportunity to get your kids to eat cranberries and think they're eaHng candy because that's exactly what this is.­‐cranberries-­‐10000000554659/

    • Peanut Butter & Jelly Muffins. Stepping up from PB&J cookies, these muffins make a great breakfast treat. The jam is inside the muffins, so when the muffins are warmed the jam just oozes from the muffins and into your mouth! Of course, the peanut bu)er provides a shot of protein for the day and by using whole-­‐wheat flour your kids get a decent amount of fiber as well. Can't beat that!­‐bu)er-­‐jelly-­‐muffins-­‐10000001673123/

    • Gluten-­‐Free Chocolate Chip Cookies. Kids with Celiac disease appreciate cookies a li)le more than kids that can eat any cookie any Hme. Having said that, use the holidays as an opportunity to make some gluten-­‐free cookies for you gluten-­‐free kid! If you don't want to make cookies from scratch, there are some great gluten-­‐free cookie mixes out there that taste just like regular cookies. (gluten free baking mixes:­‐free-­‐baking-­‐mixes)

  • Healthy DiabeHc Christmas Cake. Okay, so maybe give this dessert a different name before you tell your kids what it is, but the treat will sHll taste just as delicious! DiabeHcs have it just as badly as those with Celiac around the holidays, and it's even harder for kids because they someHmes don't understand why they're so different. This recipe will give your diabeHc kid a holiday cake he can eat (and he won't even know it's healthy)! Hmm… maybe you can switch this one out with your hubby's usual dessert, too!

These are just a fracHon of the healthy holiday treats just waiHng to be baked. If you're really feeling froggy this season, you can create your own healthy recipe by following a few Hps on replacing sweeteners and flours ( Don't let the holidays get you and your kids down this year… start baking! (Or start putting banana slices on sticks – don't overexert yourself.)

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