Relieving the Tension: How to Naturally Treat Tension Headaches

Relieving the Tension: How to Naturally Treat Tension Headaches

What are tension headaches?

tension headache cartoonIf you have ever have struggled through a tension headache, then you know exactly what I’m about to describe. It often begins with a tight feeling around the forehead, slowly transforming into a light throb at the bottom back part of your head or behind your eyes, usually on one side. The throb slowly seems to creep, spreading to your neck, trap area, all the way to your shoulder. It seems like it all tightens up and often times, the pain gradually becomes unbearable.

What causes tension headaches and what’s the difference between tension headaches or migraines?

Truthfully, there is no specific cause for tension headaches, though most often people report tension headaches popping up more often when they are dealing with stress, anxiety, not resting or sleeping enough, or poor posture. The major differences between tension headaches and migraines are that tension headaches typically do NOT cause nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light or sound, blurry vision, or muscle weakness.

How do you get rid of tension headaches?

There are some natural remedies that can help you ease the frequency of tension headaches, without having to rely on prescription or other over the counter medications.

  1. Chiropractic care - Regular chiropractic care has been shown to be effective in helping to manage the severity and frequency of tension headaches.
  2. Release tension with a lacrosse or tennis ball - Using SMR (self-myofascial release) rolling techniques, you can place the ball between your trap muscles and a wall, with gentle pressure, move the ball and hold it for about 20-30 seconds and continue to move it around until you’ve treated the whole area.
  3. Stretching/Yoga - Implementing stretches and yoga to your daily routine not only helps ease muscle tightness, but can also help boost your mood and improve your posture. All good things to help you manage and avoid tension headaches!
  4. Hot Bath Soaks - Soaking in a hot bath can help not only relax your muscles, but also help to relax your mind and ease stress and tension.
  5. Drinking more water - Often, we don’t realize just easy it is to become dehydrated, which can cause a host of problems such as headaches. Try to stay well hydrated, especially if you’re particularly active, or live in a warmer climate.
  6. Use Ice Packs - The age-old trick to helping soothe tension headaches after they’ve already grabbed a hold on you. 15-20 minute intervals, waiting until your skin reaches normal temperature before you apply it once again, should help give you some relief.

I hope these tips help bring you some relief! Let us know!

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