Top 10 Uses for Tea Tree Oil

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Top 10 Uses for Tea Tree Oil


One of the most talked about essential oils is tea tree oil, and for good reason. The list of uses and the benefits of tea tree oil is impressive. Though the history of what civilization was the first to utilize tea tree oil for healing benefits is still relatively unclear in present day, science has continued to support the effectiveness of use. The antibacterial properties of tea tree oil have been used for centuries to treat cuts, skin lesions, and other nasty infections that can be difficult to treat such as staph infections.


In recent years more people are discovering many more nifty and surprising  health, beauty, and household uses, making tea tree oil one of the most popular and sought after of the essential oils. Some examples of uses are: as an acne treatment, to help treat dandruff, to ease muscle aches and bruises, help with congestion and stuffy sinuses, mildew and mold removal, and even as a natural moth and ant repellent!


But not all tea tree oils (or other essential oils for that matter!) are created equal! Before running out to purchase any essential oil, be sure to research the company and the sources for their oils! Some may be diluted, so much so that an individual isn’t truly reaping all of the benefits they truly can from a reputable brand such as Naturasil’s Pure Tea Tree Oil which is guaranteed 100% pure, directly from Australia!


The versatility of tea tree oil makes it one natural remedy that is nearly impossible to ignore! Take a look at our infographic below to check out the top 10 most popular uses for this incredible all natural remedy!




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