3 Steps to Remove Scabies for Good Using Our Treatment Packs

Follow these instructions for the best results with your products.

  • 1. Add 20 drops of Naturasil Scabies Treatment Bath Soak* to warm/hot bathwater. Soak for 20 minutes. Repeat until the infestation has subsided. A standard tub holds 42 gallons of water. This can also be applied directly to the skin for a more concentrated effect.

  • 2. Use Naturasil Scabies Treatment Soap* during the bath twice daily on affected areas. You must use it on your hands and other exposed areas as needed.  Repeat until the infestation has subsided.

  • 3. Allow the skin to air dry after the bath. Do Not Use a Towel. Once dry, apply Scabies Treatment Topical Cream* to affected areas and between baths as needed to relieve itching.

  • 4. It is essential to wash clothes, bedding, and towels daily in hot water with any scabies treatment plan to reduce the chances of scabies re-infestation. It is equally important to disinfect your home daily to prevent scabies from living on surfaces in your home. We recommend our proven Mite-B-Gone Mite Killer Spray.

Scabies Treatment Packs: Instructions, Tips & Tricks

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Paquetes de Tratamiento para la Sarna: Instrucciones, Consejos y Truco

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Scabies Treatment Packs: Instructions, Tips & Tricks
Paquetes de Tratamiento para la Sarna: Instrucciones, Consejos y Trucos
Can I Use This If I Am Pregnant Or Breastfeeding?

"Scabies is the epidemic in this country that no one wants to talk about." -Bill Carlson | Founder of Nature's Innovation

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Naturasil Scabies Relief Soaps

These soaps are used to cleanse and disinfect the area of your skin infested by scabies mites and provide extra relief from the itching and redness that occur with the scabies rash.

  • Scabies Relief Soaps are made with micronized volcanic sulfur, pure lavender oil, and natural plant extracts. The lavender oil soothes the skin, while the volcanic sulfur and natural plant extracts work deep within the skin to fight the infestation and heal the infected skin.

  • Scabies EXTREME Soaps are perfect for those with prolonged or severe scabies. Combined with the power of pure lavender oil, 100% pure dead sea mud, and all-natural salts and minerals, the soaps assist in the fight against scabies mites. These bars are also complete with extra grit to alleviate the intolerable itch associated with scabies while treating and eradicating the infestation.

Recommended Products For Your Home

Scabies Treatment Packs

Our Scabies Treatment Packs* Are The Most Direct And Effective Solution To Treat All Stages Of Your Infestation.

Naturasil Scabies Treatment Packs are more effective than other solutions because we treat both the symptoms and the various stages of the host. Our solutions offer a total treatment plan that tackles every aspect of your infestation and eliminates the pest once and for all. For more in-depth instructions, click here. *Remove jewelry before use.

Re-infestation can be a severe issue regarding scabies and other human mites.
We encourage you to choose our proven solutions to complete your scabies treatment and help eradicate scabies from your home.

A Note on Children Under 2: Naturasil Products are made from natural products generally considered safe for all people. It is an intense treatment. The American Association of Dermatologists states that scabies treatments are safe for children over 2 (www.aad.org |10/2/2019). Still, young children tend to have more sensitive skin. Therefore, as a precaution, we recommend caution and spot-testing the skin for tolerability before using this treatment on children under 2. Always consult with your doctor before starting a new treatment regimen. Remove jewelry before use.

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