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Spray antiácaros Mite-B-Gone 16oz

Spray antiácaros Mite-B-Gone 16oz

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  • Naturasil Mite-B-Gone Mite Killer Spray

    Combat mite infestations effectively with Naturasil Mite-B-Gone Mite Killer Spray, a proven all-natural solution for assisting in eliminating mites quickly and safely. Whether dealing with mites in your home, on a farm, or animals, this mild yet powerful spray is designed to eradicate mites within two minutes of contact. It's perfect for a wide range of pests, including scabies, rat mites, bird mites, and carpet mites, and is also effective against ants and small spiders.

    Formulated to be non-toxic and eco-friendly, Mite-B-Gone Mite Killer Spray ensures a safe environment for both families and pets. Its unique formula leaves no stains, odors, or surface damage, making it an ideal choice in any setting. Whether you're looking to protect your home, pets, or agricultural space, this mite killer provides a reliable, natural method to maintain a pest-free environment.

    Key features of Naturasil Mite-B-Gone Mite Killer Spray include its rapid action, versatility in killing various types of mites, and safety profile. It's a must-have for those seeking an effective and environmentally friendly solution to pest control. This essential, all-natural mite control spray keeps your spaces clean and mite-free.

  • Benefits of Naturasil Mite-B-Gone Mite Killer Spray

    • Stain & Scent Free: Guaranteed not to stain fabrics or laminated materials when used as directed.
    • Shake hard for a few minutes before using.

      • Apply directly to sheets, beds, mattresses, pillow covers, couches, pet bedding, carpets, furniture, curtains, cracks, and crevices to target mite infestations effectively.
    • Independently Laboratory Tested: Our Mite-B-Gone Killer Spray has been rigorously tested by experts in a controlled environment.
      • The study confirms that our Mite-B-Gone Killer Spray is effective against a wide range of mites, including scabies, bird mites, rat mites, human mites, dust mites, spider mites, carpet mites, and furniture mites, as well as living on surfaces and affecting pets.
      • Our Mite-B-Gone Killer Spray is gentle enough for all types of surfaces and pets yet powerful enough to eradicate mites, spiders, and ants within a two-minute contact time.
  • Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly! Mite-B-Gone Mite Killer Spray is composed of natural ingredients and is safe to use around pets and children!
    • This formula can be used on various surfaces in your home, on your farmstead, in pet pens, on furniture, and even directly on your pets! (Not on a human, though; the mites living on a human host are incredibly difficult to eliminate. That's why we developed Mite-B-Gone Creams, Lotions, and soaps.)
  • All Mite-B-Gone products are proudly MADE IN THE USA by Naturasil. Our family-owned company has been in business since 2003 and has successfully treated over 1 million families!
  • El spray antiácaros Mite-B-Gone está formulado con ingredientes aprobados por los pesticidas EPA 25b de riesgo mínimo de la EPA. Nature's Innovation, Inc. (Naturasil) declara que este producto califica para la exención del registro de la EPA según la Ley Federal de Insecticidas, Fungicidas y Rodenticidas (FIFRA)
  • At Naturasil, we prioritize natural ingredients free from harsh side effects. Our treatments are made from plant extracts that are widely recognized for their effectiveness. They are commonly utilized in 75% of all pharmaceuticals worldwide. Rest assured that you'll only find natural goodness in our products.
  • Instrucciones de cuidado

  • How to Use Mite-B-Gone Spray:

      Shake hard for a few minutes before using.

      • Daily, spray infested areas, including your home, furniture, automobiles, and farmstead. Allow to dry. Repeat daily until the infestation subsides.
        • Use while traveling or daily in your environment as a prevention method to ward off future infestations.
        • This product may also be used on pets and farm animals of all sizes. Simply spray the animal with the solution and allow it to dry. When treating the animal, avoid eyes, nose, mouth, and genitals. Be sure also to treat the animals' frequented areas to prevent re-infestation.
        • Safe to use in chicken houses, coops, cages, nests, pens, bedding, etc.
        • Always test an inconspicuous area before the entire application.
        • Keep out of reach of children.
        • In case of eye contact, flush with plenty of water for 15-20 minutes.
        • If skin irritation occurs, wash with mild soap and water. Discontinue using the product or wear gloves.
        • Do not ingest the product. In case of accidental ingestion, call the poison control center immediately at 800-222-1222.
  • Envío y devoluciones

    All of our products are shipped in discreet packaging. Your privacy is our priority.
    • Orders shipped to the continental U.S. that reach the $50 or more threshold qualify for free shipping.
    • We're happy to extend a 33-day guarantee on our homeopathic remedies. If you find that our products are unsuitable for you or the treatment wasn't successful, please email us at with your order number. We will gladly assist you.
    • For more shipping and return information; please navigate to our shipping & guarantee pages via the website's drop-down menu.


  • Mite-B-Gone Killer Spray:
    • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate... 1.0%
    • Sodium Chloride............ 1.0%
    • Citric Acid..................... 0.75%
    • Inert Ingredients*........ 97.25%
    • Total:............................... 100%
    • (*water, L-Ascorbic Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Carbonate)
  • Preguntas frecuentes

    Where Can I Use Mite-B-Gone Mite Killer Spray?
    Our non-toxic, eco-friendly formula can be used on various surfaces, fabrics, and animals. Including but not limited to Homes, Automobiles, Farmsteads, Furniture, Couches, Bedding, Mattresses, Floors, Carpets, Pet Bedding, Pet Pens and cages, Chicken Coops, Nests, Etc. This product can be used on animals of all sizes, with caution to avoid getting in the eyes, nose, mouth, or genitalia.
  • Do not use it directly on plants or humans.
  • What should I avoid while using Mite-B-Gone Mite Killer Spray?
    Avoid direct contact with skin. Do not ingest the product. When treating animals, avoid eyes and other mucous membranes.
    How long will it take to get rid of this mite infestation?
    Treating mites can be difficult and takes patience and determination. The timeline of eradication depends on the severity of the infestation. With dedication, most people see significant improvement within 1-2 weeks.
    If this product is safe for pets, why shouldn't I use it myself?
    Although our formula is gentle and safe, it is ineffective in treating mites on humans as mites that feed on humans tend to burrow underneath the skin. This product is designed to work upon surface contact and not to penetrate the dermis. If you need help with a human mite infestation, please see our Mite-B-Gone Creams, Lotions, and Soaps line.
    What size is right for me?
    Our Mite-B-Gone Killer Spray comes in various sizes to meet your needs. Currently, we have 16oz, 32oz, and 1 Gallon sizes.
    • 16oz would effectively treat 1 medium-sized animal as a preventative for weekly use in a small area or home.
    • Our 32oz size is best for multiple animal treatments (Depending on the sizes of the animals) or 2-3 standard-sized rooms, chicken houses, or pet pens.
    • Our 1 Gallon Treatment is best for large mite infestations across the home or farmstead.
    • These statements are meant to guide you in finding the right size but use your best judgment considering the severity of the infestation and the size of your home, animals, and areas that require treatment.

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    Fabricado en EE.UU.

    how to use mbg spray
    Mite-B-Gone Mite Killer Spray es un método comprobado para combatir las infestaciones de ácaros en hogares, granjas o animales. La fórmula suave y totalmente natural elimina los ácaros a los 2 minutos de contacto, sin dejar manchas, olores ni daños en la superficie. Desde la sarna doméstica cotidiana hasta los ácaros de las ratas, los ácaros de las aves, los ácaros de las alfombras y más, Mite-B-Gone los mata a todos. También es eficaz contra hormigas y pequeñas arañas. Este producto no es tóxico, es ecológico y seguro para familias y mascotas.

    Tenga en cuenta que esta fórmula no es eficaz contra los ácaros de la piel humana. Para obtener una lista completa de nuestros tratamientos Mite-B-Gone, visítenos aquí. 

    SDS para el spray antiácaros Mite-B-Gone.