Getting Summer Ready: What To Do About Skin Tags

Getting Summer Ready: What To Do About Skin Tags

Summer is on its way: Hello, tank tops and shorts! It’s exciting to be just around the corner from being able to lounge around and soak up some beautiful rays. But it can be frustrating to be able to wear what you want to when you’re dealing with unsightly (and often embarrassing) skin tags.

Skin tags are generally caused by friction of skin rubbing against itself. Typically, they are found in folds of the skin, such as armpits. Though benign and usually not painful, these pesky overgrowths of the skin can still be distracting and sometimes get in the way if caught on clothing or jewelry.

Where do skin tags come from?

Heredity has much to do with it, but so do obesity, pregnancy, and diabetes. Though with pregnancy, the occurrence may slow or completely diminish after the baby is born, you will still be left with skin tags that will need to be removed if they affect you.

How can I get rid of skin tags?

Though some skin tags might dry up and fall off independently, most will not. There are a few options for removing skin tags.

  • Cutting off the blood supply involves tying a string around the skin tag. This lengthy process does not guarantee getting rid of the skin tag completely.
  • Liquid Nitrogen - Essentially, this method freezes the skin tag to kill off the cells feeding it so that it will fall off. However, there may be other options depending on the skin tag location.
  • Cauterizing - Similar to liquid nitrogen, cauterizing involves burning the skin tag off, which can traumatize the surrounding skin and may not be an option, depending on the skin tag location.
  • Cutting it off - Some doctors suggest removing the skin tag with a blade or medical scissors, which can be painful.

How to safely remove skin tags?

Removing skin tags involves researching the proper method for you. Some skin tags, such as eyelids, require a medical professional’s input in sensitive areas.

However, you can treat skin tags naturally! Choosing the right non-invasive and safe skin tag treatment is a great way to eliminate them without breaking your budget.