Nodular Scabies Cause and Treatment Options

Nodular Scabies Cause and Treatment Options

Nodular Scabies tends to appear sometime shortly after the initial scabies rash has been treated.  They can appear a few weeks to even a few months after the infestation has cleared up. They are the result of allergic reactions to parts of the scabies mite that have been left under the skin from the original infection period. 

 Nodular Scabies is not common and only about 10% of scabies cases reported suffer from it.   In the earlier stages, a patient can show prominent nodules that are typical pinkish-brown in color and vary between 2-20 mm in diameter. Areas around scrotal and genital skin are the most typical sites for the infection to grow and can also be difficult to treat.

Treatment of Nodular Scabies

The most common treatment is the use of topical and intralesional steroids on the affected areas but his treatment is often only somewhat effective and if treated for extended periods in the genital areas it can show cutaneous side effects and result in topical corticosteroids on the genital skin.

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