What is an OTC pain cream?

What is an OTC pain cream?

CapsaicinAn OTC or ‘over -the-counter’ pain cream is usually a topical cream or gel pain relief formula that is applied to the skin of the affected area. These pain relief creams typically contain what are known as topical analgesics. These are pain relievers that have been shown to provide relief by being applied directly to the skin which is then absorbed to help alleviate pain symptoms. The most common topical analgesics in pain creams that are available without a prescription today contain the following: capsaicin; a compound found in chili peppers, menthol, and camphor, among other ingredients to help with absorption and lessen the likelihood of skin irritation.


What does OTC pain cream and rub treat?

OTC pain creams and rubs such as Naturasil Neuropathy Rub help to alleviate pain symptoms commonly associated with neuropathy (nerve pain/tingling typically caused associated with neuropathic conditions such as diabetes), muscle aches, arthritis pain, lower back pain, joint pain, and other conditions that can cause chronic pain. Depending on the type of pain relief cream, you may be limited to how much and how often it can be applied.

What makes Cobrazol Sport Extreme Pain Relief Cream different?

Cobrazol Sport Pain Relief CreamCobrazol Sport Extreme Pain Relief Cream and Roll-On Gel sets itself apart from other pain creams simply by how it provides pain relief. It contains 8 natural skin absorption enhancers and pain relievers such as Arnica, Curcumin, and Capsaicin. The unique aspect of Cobrazol is that it utilizes snake venom – yes, you read that right – to treat pain on a whole different level. By targeting pain receptors on nerve cells found outside of the brain and spinal cord. Proteins unique to each of the different snake venom work to block the pain receptors from communicating, temporarily shutting off the inflammatory pathways.  

Who can use an OTC Pain Cream?

Despite the name, Cobrazol Sport Extreme Pain Relief Cream isn’t just for athletes or fitness fanatics. It provides relief for the same chronic pain causing ailments other pain creams help relieve. Cobrazol can be applied liberally and as needed to help ease pain, it is also available without a prescription and safe for everyday use. Be sure to check with your doctor before using a topical pain relief cream.

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