Instructions And Details

You will need the following:

  • Disposable container that will hold 10 oz of fluid
  • Plastic gloves
  • Washbasin
  • Pet Shampoo 

Combine 25 mL of Naturasil for Pet Mange into a disposable container, along with 2 oz water and 5 oz of any shampoo of your choice (baby, pet, or regular adult). Apply combined product well throughout the pet's fur, being careful not to get in the eyes or mouth of your pet.

You want all fur and skin to be covered with shampoo. Leave on 5-7 minutes, then rinse and air dry. Save any leftover combined product for the next treatment.

Repeat every 5-7 days. Provides for 2-3 medicated baths. Mange should start to subside within the days and weeks ahead.

A portion of good quality food and immune system boosters are recommended to help build the immune system and speed the healing process.

*A disposable washbasin is recommended to avoid any reaction with a bathtub. If you wish to use a household bathtub, a small test spot is advised before proceeding.

** This Treatment is a concentrated Sulfur-Lime Base and it will react with Silver (jewelry, tub rings, etc.).

Do NOT apply directly to fur without mixing with water or shampoo.

We understand mange and how it can affect you and your pet.  Mange is miserable and we can help you to get rid of it fast in an all-natural, safe, easy, and pain-free manner.

Sarcoptic Mange: This is an infection of the skin with the microscopic, parasitic mite Sarcoptes scabies. Sarcoptic mange is contagious, and most dogs catch the disease through direct contact with an infected individual. 

Demodectic Mange:  This is an overgrowth of mites, Demodex sp., that are normally found in small numbers on a dog’s skin.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you that your furry friend is enjoying mange about as much as you would. However, if you're not careful you might be finding out exactly what that's like. 

Mange can be passed to humans too so you should be highly motivated to help your best friend. The good news is that this is a treatable medical condition, but keep in mind it's highly contagious for both other animals and humans like yourself. 

Fortunately for you and your furry friend, we have a proven natural treatment option that has made many dogs and parents very happy by ridding them of this condition in a natural, pain-free, and seamless manner.

"This Stuff Really Works!"

"I rescued a little guy with patches of skin missing & he stunk! Red flag of the red mange is a stinky dog even after a bath. So if their skin is missing and they have an awful smell, it's probably red (Demodex) mange which is not contagious. This tiny bottle is concentrated sulfuric lime. I mixed as directed and when I used it for the first time the whole house smelled of farty eggs and I put the mixture in a dye bottle that has a pointed tip. It came out a mustardy color and here's something to note - SULFUR ABSORBS INTO POROUS METALS LIKE: SINK DRAINS & SILVER JEWELRY - TAKE OFF YOUR JEWELRY. I completely ruined a silver ring, it's black now. Your gold will be ok. And my sink drain turned black. Make sure this is used in a ventilated area. I didn't want to breathe it in & didn't want my little dog to breathe it in. He was only 4 pounds. I chose to bathe him every 6 days. First week was on Sunday, next week Saturday, next week Friday, etc all the way up to a Thursday, then I waited 2 weeks. After the first bath, I could actually stand the smell of him although he smelled like a firecracker. After about the 3rd bath the nasty dog smell was completely gone. I've posted pictures of his amazing transformation. It's of a time frame of about 5 months. But we only bathed him with this medicine for about 2 months. After that, he got just regular baths. Also, he was a rescue and had a compromised immune system. He ate lots and got plenty of peace, NO STRESS. So I used this on my other dog who somehow got Sarcoptic Mange (the bad, contagious kind). She also suffers from hot spots and after I bathed her with this she got a bad hot spot and I thought maybe her skin is too sensitive for the sulfur so I'm looking for other means to treat her. But I give this product my utmost recommendation for stinky red mange. Just remember if you're treating this mange, part of the treatment is making sure the pet is happy & healthy and you may need to feed them a better brand of food, nothing with corn & fillers. (PS My little Peetie never grew all of his hair back on his neck. Just some peach fuzz :) )"

- Melissa


  • Proven All Natural Formula
  • Concentrated powerful remedy
  • Fast Acting 
  • Dogs, Cats, Puppies, and Kittens (3 months & older)
  • Guaranteed to Work


  • Assists in the treatment of Sarcoptic & Demodectic Mange
  • All-natural plant extracts & natural concentrated sulfur compounds
  • How Did My Pet Get This?

    In the cases of Sarcoptic Mange, this highly contagious pest is passed from animal to animal when they are in close proximity to one another. Playing and wrestling with another dog at the park or brushing up against a stray cat. However, it is important to note that Sarcoptic Mange can come from things as well as other animals such as a pet resting in another animal's bedding or kennel. The Pet Mites could have fallen off the last animal and been in the material of the bedding or on the floor of the cage/kennel, crawling onto your pet and transferring to them.

    In cases of Demodectic Mange [Demodicosis], this is not contagious to other healthy, adult animals. It is immune-deficient dermatitis.

  • What Can I Do For My Pet Now?

    Mange is extremely itchy for your pet and it is likely that this itch if left untreated, will lead to a secondary infection that could be dangerous and deadly to your furr-baby.

    Medicated baths will help soothe your pup and help with the itching. Clipping your pet's hair back can help any open wounds (from over itching) to breathe and consulting a Vet for medications like creams or oral treatments can help you control the spread of the infestation even further.

  • Why Do I Need To Clean My House?

    Unlike human mites (Scabies Mites) that can only live a few days without a host, Pet Mites (Mange) can live without a host for up to 6 Days (at room temperature) and even longer at temperatures below 60° F. Cleaning your pet's beddings, toys and cages is essential to ensuring that your home is rid of these pests. As your furr-baby scratches and itches, it is likely that the mites moved to the bedding, the carpet, the couches, and even under their nails. As you pet/scratched your dog or cat, you might have even gotten them under your nails as well.

    Cleaning, disinfecting, and trimming nails (both you and your pets) are vital to making sure that this infestation does not continue repeatedly.

Our Natural Mange Solution is Surprisingly Fast and Uniquely Different. 
Here is Why...
It's concentrated! We created our remedy specifically to safely and effectively eliminate mange unlike anything on the market and it is guaranteed to work!

More Rave Reviews from our Amazon Customers!

"This product works very well and you and you can see the difference after several uses."

- Paul

"One bottle cleared up my dogs' mange ."

- Mchl77

"I am so impressed by this product! Out of nowhere my dog started losing her hair in one spot and had these weird black flakes in the area. I purchased this because I assumed it was mange. I followed the directions and after just ONE bath using this mixed with her shampoo, not only did it clear up, but her fur is growing back healthy as ever! The stuff stinks lol but works amazing!"

- Kathleen

"It was easy to work with and has eased most of my dog's symptoms. He seemed to smell like he had had a perm for a while but that let me know it was still working."

- Thrifty Shopper

"Product really works. Smelly but worth it."

- Risky Business

"would recommend again if needed to anyone with a dog losing fur great product the vet thought it worked really well hope it helps our four-legged family member."

- Cheryl

"My pup was diagnosed with mange by his vet and first given weekly injections (for 5wks) with no improvement. Next, he was given medication by mouth that made him very sick and caused him to stop eating almost altogether. Long story short...I reviewed the Naturasil website and followed their advice: this bath started him on vitamins and improved his diet. It was a true miracle...he looks and feels so much better. He had lost patches of hair that have now, within three weeks, almost grown back. Naturasil saved his life."

- Robin

"I gave Naturasil 5 stars because it works. Here's how easy it was: I just put the mange solution on a warm washcloth and administered it to my cat without even having to put the cat in a bath. After leaving it on the cat's fur for 7 minutes, I simply got a clean washcloth, wet it in warm water, and rinsed the fur. I repeated the rinsing process for all of the cat's fur. To make the process easier, I made sure the cat wouldn't be able to run and hide, so I administered it in the bathroom with the door closed. It only took 2 treatments for the main body of the cat; it took 1 more treatment for the cat's chin area because that was the most stubborn area."

- Nielsen

"I have a 7-month-old boxer that I had to kennel, due to going on a cruise. Shortly after getting back, I noticed spots on her body where hair was falling out. I took her to the vet. They diagnosed her with demodectic mange. Apparently, this is normal although being stressed (from boarding), our immune system being sub-par, can allow the mite to have an upper hand and cause the problem I was experiencing. They gave me some goodwin ointment and said that it will normally take several applications and that the alternative treatment was a chemical dip. I looked into the chemical dip and definitely didn't want to do that. After purchasing my second bottle of goodwin ointment, with little to no success, I started looking for alternative treatments. Fortunately, I found the website. After talking to a rep, I ordered the bottle of shampoo, the Naturasil, and the vitamins. Being upfront with me, the rep told me as well, that this may take a while, and that I may have to order more products. Honestly, I expected similar results as the ointment. So. I asked about the 60-day money-back guarantee. Well, I didn't even have to go there. I followed the directions given and before I had used all of the products that I originally purchased, the mange was gone. I even have enough to do 1 more application. Who knows how much more I could have spent on ointment and dips. Thanks for a fantastic product ." 

- Rick

"My 1/2 BobCat 1/2 Manx Cat got outside for about two weeks. Thought he was dead or someone stole him. Long story short is that when he got back home he had mange on his hind end. Not sure how contracted it, but I assume it was a raccoon or something. I used this product as directed mixed with pet shampoo. In 2 days I already saw improvement in his hair regrowth but he also stopped biting himself and scratching himself. His attitude changed as well. Don't get me wrong, cats do not like baths, but I endured it the first time and on the second treatment he actually seemed like he was thankful I was helping him. All I can say is I am thankful for this product and I am finally back to a happy home with a cat that has hair!!!! Thank you so much Naturasil!!!! I wholesomely recommend this product. Yes, it's smelly, but does the job. I was at my wits end with it."

- Anonymous


Upon Verification, If our products have not been successful for you after 33 days of continual use following the instructions as found on our website and packaging we are pleased to offer a Money-Back Guarantee of Your Purchase.