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Introducing Mite-B-Gone Mite Killer Spray!

Mite-B-Gone Mite Killer Spray is a proven method to tackle mite infestations in homes, on farms, or on animals. The all-natural, mild formula eliminates mites within 2 minutes of contact, leaving no stains, odors, or surface damage. From everyday household scabies to rat mites, bird mites, carpet mites, and more, Mite-B-Gone kills them all. It is also effective against ants and small spiders. This product is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and safe for families and pets. 

  • Around Your Home and Farmstead:

    Shake well before using. Test an inconspicuous area for compatibility. Lightly spray infested areas, including furniture, carpets, cracks, & crevices. Allow it to dry. Repeat daily until infestation subsides within 1-2 weeks.

  • On Your Pets and Farm Animals:

    Always test a small area for allergies or irritation before completing treatment. Spray the animal with the solution, avoiding the eyes, nose, mouth, and genitals. Allow it to dry. Treat the animals' frequented areas to prevent a re-infestation.

  • Prevent and Avoid Future Infestations:

    This formula is gentle enough to be used daily to prevent mite infestations of all kinds. Using it daily and while traveling in areas prone to mite infestations is highly recommended. The Mite-B-Gone Mite Killer Spray can be used safely around children and pets, as directed.

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Step-by-Step Instructions

  • 1) Soak In The Suds

    Wash the affected area 2x daily using Mite-B-Gone Relief Soap. Allow the soap to sit on the skin for a few minutes before rinsing off. Do not use a towel to dry off.

  • 2) Get Instant Itch Relief

    Once dry, apply Mite-B-Gone cream or lotion to the affected area at least 1-2 times daily, or more if preferred.

  • 3) Consistency Is Key

    Mite infestations can be hard to beat. Don't give up hope; with diligence and consistent treatment, you will eradicate them!

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Mite-B-Gone Mite Killer Spray is your best defense against mite infestations in your home, automobiles, and farmstead. Our gentle yet effective formula is safe for use around children and even on your pets. Mite-B-Gone Mite Killer Spray kills mites within 2 minutes of contact. This product can be used everywhere in the home including furniture, carpets, linens and bedding. It is also safe for use on pet bedding, chicken houses, coops, pet pens, barns, and anywhere a mite thrives. *Always do a small surface test for tolerability. In addition to treating your home and farmstead, you can also use this formula to kill mites that may be pestering your furry four-legged family members. *Test for skin allergens and irritation on a small area before entire application.

Crawling Insect Control Dust (100 % Diatomaceous Earth) is composed of finely milled fossilized shells of microscopic organisms called diatoms. It is a light dust that clings easily to the bodies of insects as they walk or crawl over it. Unlike boric acid dust, which works best when ingested, Crawling Insect Control Dust only requires contact with the insect to be effective. The dust then absorbs the waxy cuticle surrounding the insect, causing the insect to dehydrate and die. When using our Control Dust, we recommend sprinkling it over furniture, mattresses, and hard-to-vacuum places. Allow the powder to set for a few hours before vacuuming. *Diatomaceous Earth is considered non-toxic by industry standards. However, we always advise caution when using it around children and pets.

BenzaRid Professional Disinfectant & Miticide works to kill mites as it disinfects and sanitizes. Our hospital disinfectant spray is safe for children and pets when dry but strong enough to kill the mites. Use this spray on furniture, floors/carpets, and nonporous surfaces. Let the spray dry thoroughly before use on nonporous surfaces (counters/tiles/vinyl/glass/plastic). On porous surfaces (furniture/carpets), let the spray dry, then follow with a thorough vacuum. Always do a small surface test for tolerability and look for any reaction before using the product.

Elimi Mite Natural Enzyme Dust Mite Laundry Additive is an all-natural way of eliminating mites from your clothing and bedding. Our formula uses natural enzyme action to penetrate and lift the mites from all your washable bedding, clothing, and other essential washables. When cleaning all your washables, use hot water to kill any mites in the fabric. Add the concentrate to your washer or when hand washing* as directed. Dry washables on high if they can handle the heat. *Elimi Mite 8oz Concentrate will yield 12–24 washes, depending on the washer type. Hand Washing will yield about 48 washes.

Re-infestation can be a severe issue regarding mites.

We encourage you to choose our proven solutions to complete your treatment and help eradicate mites from your home.

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