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Where Are The Directions At For Pet's Sake?!

We promise that you aren't the only one asking that question.You can find your directions behind the drug facts box and warning label. You will find the end of the label by looking for the black arrow (as shown).As you peel it back, you will reveal the directions.

Paw-by-Paw Instructions

Fur-endly Advice From Other Pup Parents

Consistency is Key!

After reading the directions, I realized that keeping to a strict schedule really does matter with this product. I found a schedule that worked for me and made sure to stick with it.

What worked for me was to put it on just after she came inside from going to the bathroom. I'd apply it in the morning after her first potty in the AM, then after I got home from work and she went potty in the evening and, once more, at our last potty break, just before bed. I just kept the bottle on the table by the backdoor.
After just a few weeks, I was seeing a significant decrease in size for my dog's wart, and she wasn't itching it anymore.

Jenna R.

It Works But It's Stinky

This stuff will definitely get the job done but it does have a strong smell. My dog, Zeus, didn't like the smell but I didn't like the skin tags either.
I think the smell is actually meant to deter the dogs from trying to lick it off.

Just to ensure that he wasn't investigating those spots, I put the good ole' cone o' shame on my pal while the skin tag remover was drying.

My girlfriend went the extra mile to lightly blow on the spots to help it dry faster and get the cone off of him whenever she helped me with him.

Nate K.

Clean And Clear Before Application

I'm a planner and always have been. I learn all that I can before I take that next leap to "Just Do It".

While I was watching some of the Naturasil Instruction and Information videos on this product, I noticed that the guy mentioned wiping off the warts/skin tags with a little bit of rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball before applying the wart remover. He also suggested shaving the hair back in those spots so the product could get to the warts.

My poor baby Honey might have looked a little patchy for a few weeks but I followed the directions and they certainly did the job! In just two weeks, I was already seeing a HUGE difference in her smaller warts. The larger warts took a little extra work but, after another week and a half, they also started flaking away and shrinking as well.

Sally D

Be Careful When "Helping It Along"

I found Naturasil after lots of research and a very expensive trip to the Vet's office! I decided to give it a go since, with the money back guarantee, what did I have to lose?

When I started using the product, I noticed that my dog's smaller warts were becoming flaky but it wasn't flaking away. I was afraid I might be wasting product so I took a small damp cotton ball (with rubbing alcohol) and gently wiped away some of the old, dead skin so the product could continue to get to the wart that wasn't affected yet.
I made sure not to pick at it or be too rough. I didn't want the spot to start bleeding!
I also watched the informative video that said you could use a small, clean and sterile nail file to rub away some of the more scaly warts but thankfully, I didn't need to use that method.

Doris G.

A Paw-some Video Just Fur You

Instructions from our Founder Bill Carlson

Fur-equently Asked Questions

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How do I use Naturasil Dog Warts Remover?
What's that smell?!
In what form does Naturasil Dog Warts Remover come?
How do you properly store this product? What is the shelf life?
What animals are Naturasil Dog Warts Remover safe to use on?

Naturasil Dog Warts Remover

What's Everyone Barking About?

I must admit I bought this product with great hesitation but much to my surprise it lived up to it reputation. Within 10 days my dog's multiple papillomas were gone. They were 2 large ones on her gum line and initially she didnt like the treatment but within 2 days she would lay and let me apply the oil with cotton and hold it on mouth. So impressed with the successful treatment. I would highly recommend this treatment!

Patricia K.

The product worked great! Even though I applied it less often than recommended my dog's facial wart was completely eradicated inside a seven day period. Best Natural Ingredient medication I have seen.

Charles P.

I had to alter the process as advised in your instructions because of my particular situation, but it still worked. The immediate relief was overwhelming. I continue to use the product, just because I'm not taking any chances, and we continue to treat my dog. I would recommend this product in a heartbeat!

Dena H.

My dog’s foot was so bad from her plantar wart, she could hardly walk.... less then 3 weeks applying the stuff 3x times a day it’s all gone!!!!!! I swear if it’s gone permanently I will be shocked 😳

Diane D.

My dog had this huge wart growing on his ear that he kept irritating and the vet quoted a ridiculous price to get it removed! They even said that they might have to remove part of his ear. I decided to look online and purchased this as a last resort hoping it would work. Within weeks the wart was gone and the area where it was has even regained his normal pigmentation so it looks like nothing was even there! It was like magic! I hardly write reviews but this product saved me and my dog from an expensive and unnecessary surgery.

Brianka R.

Our 6 lb poodle had developed a rather prominent skin tag on his head.

He is 13 years old so his vet chose not to remove it by burning, freezing, or cutting due to his age. I had checked the internet for self remedies but for a while was not able to find anything suitable.

Then I found Naturasil. Although it stated it was for wart removal, I decided to try it. We put it on the growth for about a week and the growth just fell off. Now both Skittles and we are happy and we no longer have to avoid the growth when grooming him.

Jean B.

I love that the items are all natural, and though it may seem some are a little pricey at first - if your someone who looks for the best deals like me - this item and store is totally worth it! Not only is it all natural, but the product actually works! So it's worth purchasing. My dog has had multiple and large warts that have been irritating her and I haven't been able to get rid of. Since using the product on her, they have dramatically decrease in size in less than a week, and some are even gone. The smell is a little strong at first like eucalyptus oil, but goes away after drying. It doesn't bother my dog at all and she lets me put it on at ease and also hasn't been chewing at it anymore.

Definitely recommend, and will buy again if needed.



The results have been very good!! It hasn’t had any adverse effects on our dog & it started working right away. I really like the fact that it’s natural. We used it a couple of days after the top of wart was no longer visible to make certain we’d gotten it all.

Deborah D.

I am just 2 weeks in and the wart on my dog's chin is almost completely gone. I am definitely happy with the results.

Joshua H.

This stuff works great! As long as you consistently put it on your dog as directed. I am very impressed. My pup had a huge wart on her forehead and it went away! Love this stuff and highly recommend!

Carolyn B.


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Dog Warts Removal Liquid | 15mL

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  • This Product Is Solely Recommended For Dogs. This Product Is Not Recommended For Cats Because Of Their Sensitivities To Many Essential Oils.

  • With All New Products, We Always Recommend Doing a Skin Tolerability Test. Make Sure to Test a Very Small Area Before Using as Intended. This Test Will Check For Any Potential Sensitivity or Reaction. Make Sure To Do This Test BEFORE Fully Using the Product.

  • This Product Is Not Meant To Be Used Around The Mucous Membrane Of Your Pup.

    Do Not Use This Product Around Your Dog's Eyes, Mouth, Genitalia, And ESPECIALLY Not Around Their Nose.

ALWAYS Consult A Veterinarian Regarding Products That You Want To Use On Your Fur-Buddy Prior To Starting Any Treatments.

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