Scabies Treatment

Scabies Treatment

Treatment of scabies is vital to start as soon as possible. Scabies is highly contagious, and the outbreak will not disappear without treatment.


Prescription creams, lotions, and pills can be costly and do not necessarily solve the problem. If even one mite is left alive, it will reproduce, and the symptoms will continue. 

Naturasil offers products that are 100% natural that solve the problem the first time around. However, it is essential to use as many of the treatment products in conjunction with each other to solve the problem more effectively. Using one product alone will help, but a combination of the available products will allow for a speedy recovery.

Scabies Treatment Options:


scabies treatments



Naturasil Scabies Liquid Bath Soak Treatment relieves symptoms of scabies mites from the outside. It penetrates the skin to work internally as well.

Naturasil for Scabies Treatment Topical Sulfur Cream is a specially formulated scabies sulfur cream that eliminates scabies rash and calms itching.

Scabies Relief Sulfur and Pure Lavender Soap are used with our topical scabies products to cleanse the skin profoundly and symptomatically treat scabies infections.

BenzaRid Spray is an EPA-registered hospital-grade environmental virucide and bactericide to prevent re-infection during and after a scabies outbreak. The spray is colorless, odorless, and non-staining.




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"If one mite is left alive, it will reproduce & symptoms will continue."

The two main Scabies treatment products available through Naturasil are Naturasil Scabies Liquid Bath Soak and Naturasil Scabies Topical Sulfur Cream.


The liquid bath soak treatment kills the mites from the outside specifically. It works internally as well once soaked into the skin. The topical sulfur cream has been specially formulated to work with the liquid solution to eliminate the rash and irritation caused by the scabies mites.


In addition to medication explicitly aimed at curing scabies, vitamins are always a plus. Zinc is known to boost your immune system, and a daily multivitamin will give your body any additional nutrients you may not get through your diet to help fight scabies. Naturasil Immune Renew is another product that will help boost your immune system to eliminate scabies mites.



While treating yourself, it is essential to treat your surroundings as well. Wash all of your clothes and sheets with soap in hot water in case any mites may still be living on them.


Scabies mites can live up to 72 hours without a host, so you need to do all you can to kill any stray mites in your house. 


An excellent option for cleansing your environment of mites is BenzaRid Spray. This is a well-proven hospital-grade disinfectant aimed at preventing re-infection after treatment. It will not stain and can be used to rid your house of other pests, such as bed bugs.


Treatment is straightforward and does not require expensive prescriptions; however, starting a cure as quickly as possible is vital to seeing the treatment through to the end. One live mite can cause you to start this process all over again. It's bad enough to go through this once, and nobody wants to do it twice!


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