Treating Nail Infections

Nail Infection Treatment

Nail infections, typically caused by dermatophytes, cause the infected nail to turn white or yellow, thicken, and even split or pull away from the skin. The fungus can quickly infect other toenails or fingernails and even develop into an athlete’s foot or ringworm. To prevent the infection from spreading, it is essential to begin treatment as soon as possible. 

 nail fungus liquid 15ml

While most nail infection treatments require you to know precisely which fungus is causing the infection, Naturasil for Nail Fungus works on almost any nail infection. It is made from 100% pure plant extracts that fight bacteria and fungi. Apply the liquid formula to the infected areas of your nail three times daily, and the fungus should start to diminish within two weeks. While it can take several months to completely eradicate the fungus because of the growth time of the nail, it is proven to work. It absorbs into and underneath the nail. Naturasil for Nail Fungus is a great all-natural way to have healthy nails again in no time.


Naturasil’s Sulfur-Lavender Soap is another product that works well in conjunction with Naturasil for Nail Fungus. The all-natural ingredients used to make the soap purge the skin of fungi and bacteria and will help speed the healing process. The French lavender essence gives the body a calming sensation to relieve stress and allows your body to focus its immune response on the nail infection. Used regularly, the Sulfur-Lavender Soap will help to prevent future fungal infections on the nail and the skin.


To truly eliminate the fungus, you will need to cleanse your environment to avoid a recurrence of the infection. BenzaRid Spray is an odorless disinfectant option that is safe to spray on carpets, hardwood floors, bedding, or any other fungus living area. We also recommend washing your clothes in hot water with soap, including your shoes. Fungi thrive in dark, moist, warm regions making shoes prime real estate for these sneaky invaders.


There is no reason to continue suffering with such effective products available at your fingertips. Order your treatment today to get your life back to normal!