What Are Warts?

Warts are small, raised, and sometimes painful growths or bumps on the skin. Plantar Warts are painful warts on the bottom of the foot and usually resemble a cauliflower with tiny black hemorrhages under the skin in the wart's center. This can make something as simple as walking very painful.

Warts are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). In most people, HPV is destroyed or fought off by the immune system; however, it is easy to upset the balance of your body's natural viral fighting capabilities.


The wart on an index finger is the most common wart look. Raised, scaly skin.

These warts are flat warts and typically grow on faces, necks, and eyelids.

Certain forms of the virus are more likely to cause skin warts on the hands.

What Our Treatment Can Do

Finally a Natural Wart Remover that WORKS!

Naturasil for Warts Remover is a natural homeopathic remedy formulated for all standard plantar warts, verruca, verruca Vulgaris, body, flat, and seed warts for easy natural wart removal. Comprised of natural plant extracts, Naturasil Wart Remover eliminates warts without the pain, scarring, or harsh treatments found in many traditional methods. Naturasil Wart Remover helps in causing warts to dry up and painlessly flake away.

The effectiveness of plant extracts are well known as they are used in 75% of all traditional pharmaceuticals worldwide. Formulated with 100% natural plant extracts, Naturasil Wart Remover is a gentle method for all types of wart removal.


  • Assists in treating all types of warts
  • For all skin types - children and adults ages five and up
  • Easy and painless to apply for fast wart removal
  • Built-in applicator brush!
  • Absorbs into skin & warts to heal from inside naturally


Thuja Occidentalis 6X HPUS assists in relieving the symptoms of warts*.

Cedar Leaf Oil is used for its antibacterial and fungicidal properties*.

Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil has topical antibacterial and antifungal characteristics.*

Ricinus Communis Seed Oil is used for skin disorders and penetrates deep into the skin*.

*The topical application of these extracts is lipophilic and absorbed into and underneath your skin as soon as they are applied.
Some individuals may be sensitive to essential oils-skin test for tolerability. If irritation or reaction occurs, discontinue use. Results may vary.

WARTS are found in more than 10% of the population in the US, per year.


  1. Always patch-test an area before starting the complete treatment regimen.
  2. Wash the affected area with soap and water.
  3. Dry the affected area thoroughly.
  4. Using an emery board, score the wart to remove some of the dead tissue before applying. Perform the same emery board treatment, if possible, before each application. Skipping an application may affect the elimination of the wart.
  5. Apply Naturasil for Warts with the built-in applicator brush directly on the wart 3 to 4 times daily.
  6. At night, cut a small piece of the cotton ball the size of the wart and soak it with Naturasil for Warts. Secure the wart area using a bit of medical tape or a band-aid.

You should see the wart diminish within 3 to 6 weeks, depending on your condition's severity and diligence in applying Naturasil for Warts. Remember, there are over 100 different types of the wart virus and HPV that cause warts. Some wart types can be quite virulent. Keep applying the treatment until the wart is completely gone.*

You may have drying of the skin area where the liquid is applied as the wart flakes away. This is normal and will subside after the treatment regimen is completed. 

*The damage left behind from the wart will diminish over time, depending on the level of outbreak.

Do not apply to the eye area.

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