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Tratamiento de hongos en las uñas | 15 mililitros

Tratamiento de hongos en las uñas | 15 mililitros

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  • Naturasil Nail Fungus Topical Treatment
    • Our specially formulated nail fungus oil is designed to target and combat fungal infections that affect the health and appearance of your nails.
    • It's a gentle yet potent treatment that promotes nail health, reduces discoloration, and supports a vibrant and natural appearance.
  • Key Features:
    • Natural Ingredients: We prioritize using natural ingredients renowned for their antifungal properties, providing a safe and effective solution.
    • Easy Application: Our topical oil is easy to apply, making it a convenient addition to your nail care routine.
    • Targeted Care: It delivers targeted care directly to the affected area, ensuring that the treatment focuses on the source of the problem.
    • Results-Oriented: Incorporate our nail fungus oil treatment into your daily routine for lasting results and healthier, fungus-free nails.
  • Safety Advice and Allergy Information: Ideal for all skin types, but individual sensitivity varies. Test on a small area first. Discontinue use if a reaction occurs and consult a physician.
  • At Naturasil, we prioritize natural ingredients that are free from harsh side effects. Our treatments are made from plant extracts widely recognized for their effectiveness. They are commonly utilized in 75% of all pharmaceuticals worldwide. Rest assured that you'll only find natural goodness in our products.
  • Instrucciones de cuidado

  • How to Use Naturasil Nail Fungus Oil:

    • Use Naturasil topical oil and apply it to the affected areas of your nails with the applicator brush. You may experience a slight burning sensation, but this is normal.
    • Be sure to apply the solution as much as possible underneath the nail and on top.
    • Use the treatment 3 times daily until the fungus is gone.
    • Results usually start to show within two weeks, but remember that nails' slow growth time might take several weeks to months to eliminate the infection.
    • Remember that the nail must be entirely fungus-free before it's considered healthy. The fungus may return if you stop treatment before the nail has fully grown out.
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    All of our products are shipped in discreet packaging. Your privacy is our priority.
    • Orders shipped to the continental U.S. that reach the $50 or more threshold qualify for free shipping.
    • We're happy to extend a 33-day guarantee on our homeopathic remedies. If you find that our products are unsuitable for you or the treatment wasn't successful, please email us at with your order number. We will gladly assist you.
    • For more shipping and return information, please navigate to our shipping & guarantee pages via the website's drop-down menu.


  • Naturasil Nail Fungus Oil:
    • Thuja Occidentalis 6X HPUS, Cymbopogon Citratus Leaf Oil, Eucalyptus Leaf Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Lavender Oil, Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil, Patchouli Leaf Oil.
  • Preguntas frecuentes

    What is Nail Fungus?
    Nail fungus is a prevalent nail infection that typically starts as a small white or yellow-brown spot beneath the tip of your toenail or fingernail. As the fungal infection progresses, the nail may become thicker, discolored, and brittle at the edge. Nail fungus can affect multiple nails.
    What are the effects of using Naturasil for Nail Fungus Treatment?
    Its lipophilic ingredients penetrate and absorb into the nail, effectively eliminating the fungal infection both on and under the nail.
    How do I use Naturasil for Nail Fungus Treatment?
    To treat nail fungus:
    • Apply our Nail Fungus Oil to the affected areas of your nail with the built-in applicator brush.
    • Cover all around the nail bed and under the nail.
    • Repeat this process 3-4 times daily until the fungal infection is completely eradicated.
    When can I expect to see results?
    It usually takes 2-3 weeks for nail fungus to start reducing.
    • However, getting rid of a nail fungal infection can take a while, ranging from a few weeks to a few months, because of the slow growth rate of the nail.
    • It is crucial to wait until the nail has fully grown without any signs of fungus before considering it completely healthy.
    • Failure to do so may lead to a recurrence of the nail fungus infection.
    In what form does Naturasil for Nail Fungus Treatment come?
    Naturasil for Nail Fungus is liquid with a convenient built-in applicator brush.
    • While we stress the importance of eliminating cross-contamination during your treatment, please be aware that the applicator brush will not carry the virus from one person to another or from the affected individual to a surface because the essential oils on the brush are designed to kill the virus naturally, making it an effective solution to your treatment needs.
    How do you properly store this product? What is the shelf life?
    Store the product in a cool, dark place, like a cupboard or closet, for optimal quality. Properly stored, it has a shelf life of two years.
    How did I get Nail Fungus?
    Various types of fungi present in the environment can lead to fungal nail infections. These fungi can enter your nail and cause an infection through small cracks in your nail or the surrounding skin.
    • Shared Items: Sharing personal items like nail clippers, files, or footwear with someone with a fungal infection can spread the fungus.
    • Weakened Immune System: Individuals with weakened immune systems are more susceptible to fungal infections, including nail fungus.
    • Poor Foot Hygiene: Neglecting proper foot hygiene, such as not keeping your feet clean and dry, can increase the risk of nail fungus.
    How long does a bottle last?
    Naturasil for Nail Fungus 15 mL should last approximately 30-45 days, depending on usage.
    Can I use this if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?
    We recommend consulting with your doctor before use if pregnant or nursing.

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    A base de plantas

    Fabricado en EE.UU.

    Potente aceite natural para el tratamiento de hongos en las uñas

    Utilizando extractos de plantas, Naturasil para hongos en las uñas es un remedio natural que combate los hongos en las uñas causados ​​por la onicomicosis, la cándida y la paroniquia. A diferencia de los métodos tradicionales que dependen de tratamientos químicos internos agresivos, Naturasil para hongos en las uñas es suave y eficaz. Es una alternativa más segura y asequible a los tratamientos farmacológicos como Lamisil, que puede ser costoso y causar daño hepático y renal en algunos pacientes.

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